iSource Services: Delivering Ideal Fit based on their Vast Database & Expertise

Vidhan Chandra,DirectorUp to 85 percent of corporate values are based on its tangible assets, and recruiting the right person is the foundation of this value creation. Though everyone, from a fresher to mid-senior level to the senior authorities, has a fair share of role to play for reaching the organization’s objective, it all comes down to the senior management’s competency in driving these forces towards the right goal with proper motivation. Catering the ideal fit from junior executive to top management across multiple skills, domains and hierarchy, iSource Services fulfills the requirements of permanent recruitment, contractual recruitment, training & Development, third party or payroll staffing and also contractual/temporary staffing for the startups and large organizations. With 10+ years of expertise in the recruitment industry, iSource has delivered to sectors such as IT, High Technology, Engineering, Automotive, Auto-ancillary, Pharma, Audit & Consulting, Infrastructure, Telecom, Media and e-Commerce.

The recruitment process of iSource involves deep-rooted research and
strategies, developed by its in-house team. The firm that refrains from charging fees from the candidates has a very strong track record for its extensive database (over a million) which allows it to select genuinely interested candidates who are not available elsewhere, through a multi-model filtration, beyond just job portals. This rigorous culling process explains how most of the candidates sent by iSource get selected. “We focus more on candidate’s quality rather than quantity,” says Vidhan Chandra, Director, iSource Services. It’s this commitment to serve the clients with a robust delivery process that has made iSource as the vendor of choice for most of the companies.

iSource has dedicated an entire department to address the segment-wise hiring requirements of large corporates

iSource has dedicated an entire department to address the segment-wise hiring requirements of large corporates. Realizing that startups have limited budget specification, higher demands& their own thought process, the firm works closely with them and assures that their demands are satisfied by bringing-in good amount of industry knowledge. Apace with today’s dynamic industry landscape, companies keep changing their demands of candidate requirement and their JDs. Hence iSource not only gives them total flexibility in
terms of tuning hiring as per their new timeline and technology, but also provides its own input regarding changing scenario.

The Personalized Approach
iSource doesn’t stop with educating the selected ones about the company & the job role, but also negotiates with them on client’s behalf and keeps in touch with them till they fill the position. It further checks that the candidate is satisfied with the job role & organization via quarterly follow ups and if there are any issues, it attempts to resolve them. Despite using automation technology for sending mailers & SMS for clients, iSource stresses on building an empathizing relationship between clients and candidates to help them understand each other’s needs and requirements. “We don’t even share the JD or name of the company unless the client has asked to put in for their requirements,” divulges Chandra.

At iSource, employees are encouraged to partake in a monthly upgrade program, learning sessions, conferences and HR contest where they are acknowledged on latest happening in the recruiting business. The firm follows a very open work culture, along with a strict policy that ascertains that the employees are not disturbed on Sundays, when on leave, or work overtime. With 45 percent growth in the previous year, the company is looking forward to grow at a 50 percent rate this year and wants to focus on B2C segment and provide customized services to job seekers and clients.