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Krishna Kumar,Founder & Master Coach

Krishna Kumar

Founder & Master Coach

Coaching for success is becoming more and more common in the boardrooms of the world. As leaders progress through their careers, they develop a variety of skills through experience and education that serve their growing professional demands. Unfortunately though, unless a leader is lucky enough to have been effectively coached at some point in their careers, they probably have not been exposed to sufficient development opportunities to equip them with the skills needed to conduct productive coaching conversations and maintain ongoing coaching relationships.Executive coaches work with business leaders to enable their rapid development. They also assist with specific problems that a board member, or senior manager, wants to work through outside of the normal business framework. While experienced leaders are usually proficient in things like navigating complex stakeholder environments and allocating resources (including human resources) to address business priorities, the development of coaching skills benefitting leaders and employees, alike cannot be ignored.

Bangalore based Intrad School of
Executive Coaching perfectly understands the importance of coaching and offers Executive Coaching, Coach Certification programs and Corporate Training that help companies meet the challenges of Change Management and Leadership Development. A privately held company, ISEC is a licensed school of the International Association of Coaching (IAC)and specializes in Leadership Development and Transformational Leadership through Executive Coaching for new economy businesses.

ISEC has programs and coaching assignments that are founded on The Inner Coach Model that has its roots in sports psychology

“In India, the technology sector has grown in leaps and bounds in the past 25+ years. A large number of people in the initial stages of their careers give emphasis to their technical knowledge and skills. As they grow in their career sit becomes imperative that they need to think strategically,learn to manage by using persuasion and influence as against using authority and lead high performing teams. We help such business leaders with coaching to clarify developmental needs and help improve their skill base. Our trained coaches conduct sessions on a monthly retainer basis with a minimum guarantee of two personal interactions supplemented by one or more telephonic meetings. We also recommend periodic assessments to review progress,” explicates
Krishna Kumar, Founder & Master Coach, ISEC.

ISEC has programs and coaching assignments that are founded on The Inner Coach Model that has its roots in sports psychology. It provides principles, methods, and tools to assist self-learning because a coach’s prime responsibility is to facilitate learning. Self-awareness using the Inner Coach methodology is the basis for enhancing effectiveness of teams and building superior leadership capabilities.With this approach, the company offers services that includes personal coaching, sponsored coaching, corporate workshops, strategic corporate facilitations, success compass, amongst others. “Our Success compass program is designed for young adults to help navigate the complex maze of career decisions. This is a social initiative priced low where we use international psychometric assessment and one on one coaching,” he explains.

One of the pioneering organizations in this country to offer executive coaching, ISEC has undoubtedly carved a niche in the learning development space and has helped leaders to improvise the performance and enhance the quality of life for superior leadership capabilities. “We are a country where 60 percent of the workforce is below the age of 30. In the coming years, there might be a huge gap in leadership as the youth replaces the seniors. Our roadmap is to try bridge the gap by giving the right resourcing, providing the right knowledge and the right kind of input to make our younger generations leadership ready,” he concludes.