Inspirit: Crafting Holistic Solutions For Transformative Employee Engagement

Aniruddha Bidkar & Vaibhav Yadav,FoundersBusiness leaders, team managers and HR professionals together have the primary responsibility in creating engaging work environment for their business to thrive. Drawing on the passions, strengths, authentic contributions, and character, these leaders can shape organization's work culture to bring out the best performance and ensure highly engaged workforce. Moreover, leaders have to support the interests of employees, offer development opportunities and enhance internal collaboration. This cultivates happier staff, increases productivity, and eventually boosts profitability.

Inspirit is a Purpose-driven Employee Engagement Events Company founded by Aniruddha Bidkar and Vaibhav Yadav in 2017 with a vision to create awesome work environments. Inspirit focuses on offering creative, convenient & trustworthy solutions for the valued clients by designing a futuristic approach, and working towards a broader perspective. The organization crafts Corporate Team Building activities aimed at delivering Employee Engagement experiences. Inspirits team of experts work towards enhancing the overall employee engagement dynamics for their clients by customizing the best solution from its portfolio of amusing and impactful activities.

Inspirit is focusing not just on training and development but also on the holistic market of employee engagement. Inspirit has its own online knowledge portal where contributing
members and subject matter experts from the HR fraternity and corporate leadership periodically furnish resources in the form of Articles, Interviews, Short Videos & Case Studies. This knowledge curation exercise has become an efficient factor for the audience to understand the market trends and employee expectations. Moreover, Inspirit has even started its own series of IP events, which are segmented into Connect and Preach events.

The Preach events are workshop-driven or learning-oriented sessions featuring renowned trainers and business leaders. While, the Connect events are specifically curated programs encompassing panel discussions with industry leaders, value-workshops and Live Q& As with subject matter experts. Inspirits IP events are a great opportunity for HR professionals, business leaders and people managers to learn as well as interact with industries top experts and fellow members of the community.

Inspirit has articulated a blend of solutions to address every nuance of work culture, and corporate learning & development initiatives. "Inspirit is geared up to accomplish its mission of building high performance teams and super-organizations filled with happy, productive and energized workforce. In this context, we are trying to deliver a holistic support, right from knowledge curation, workshops, tailored IP events and precise employee engagement solutions. We feel proud to witness huge demand & appreciation from not just PAN-India but Middle East, Europe, Asia-Pacific & North American markets," says Aniruddha Bidkar.

Inspirit is focusing not just on training and development but also on the holistic market of employee engagement

Rather than only focusing on team activities targeted towards a typical corporate goal, Inspirit majorly focuses on building solutions through transformative experiences for the organization's workforce. "We are an ardent believer of delivering consumer satisfaction by shaping experiences filled with exuberance. One example highlighting this would be when a mega FMCG Company wanted to make sure their blue-collar and white-collar employees gel up together. It was very essential that we shatter the pseudo barriers, and make sure that everybody feels a part of the company's culture as they come down to the same contribution level.

We had participants right from the board of directors to the shop floor forklift operator. The goal was achieved through specially designed outbound activity circuit and then subtly landing the key takeaway messages in an impactful reflection. As promised, we successfully made a huge positive impact on client's internal work-dynamics,” concludes Vaibhav Yadav.