Impetus Arthasutra: Defining Quality, Precision & Fine Craftsmanship

P.R. Dilip, Founder

P.R. Dilip


Huate horology! Exquisite watch lovers are famil¬iar with this famous French phrase.

In 1970s, when the market was getting overwhelmed with mass-produced quartz watches, the Swiss watchmakers wanted to tell the world that the high end mechanical timepieces they make with high precision, is distinctly different from the mass produced quartz watches. Haute horology simply means the absolute finest of high-end watchmaking. It is interesting to note that all luxury watches are not ‘haute horology’ watches.The watches need not be highly complicated to be considered haute horology. The single defining characteristic of haute horology comes in the ‘craftsmanship’ and finishing of a timepiece.

Founded by an Indian Capital Market genius, P.R.Dilip, Impetus Arthasutra is known for its craftsmanship in designing investo specific investment portfolios with precision and quality.Each Individual is unique, hence the investment portfolio for that person needs to be unique too.Creating an investor specific portfolio for each client is highly time-consuming and it takes great effort and precision to create highly personalised portfolios, hence it is not very scalable. But then, masterpieces are never mass produced!

Deep understanding comes from experience and continues learning
Impetus Arthasutra’s approach in managing
wealth is not complicated but scientific. 26 years in the industry with a team carrying a collective-experience of 125 years in the Indian Financial Market, Impetus Arthasutra takes pride in functioning like a well-knitted family. Comprising team members and patrons from different parts of the world, the firm has a common objective, welfare and well-being of all the family members.

Financial Markets are like an ocean unpredictable, and at the same time, highly resourceful. Impetus Arthasutra is a sophisticated and weather-tested ship, carrying its patrons safely to their respective destination. “We are not afraid of the volatilities and roughness of the financial markets as we have weathered many storms. Our fiduciary role as a portfolio manager is to make sure that our investors achieve their financial goals without having to undertake unwarranted risks while deploying their resources. You may call it prudent ‘Asset allocation’ in technical terms,”, explains Dilip.

Impetus Arthasutra is a sophisticated and weather tested ship, carrying its patrons safely to their respective destination

“Managing the emotions is equally important in wealth management. Fear and Greed, the two most visible emotions of all investors does maximum damage to the investor’s wealth. Our process driven approach in deciding a suitable portfolio for each investor, actually educates the investor about the expected behaviour patterns of various asset classes, be the risks involved or the returns expected,” adds Dilip.

Impetusutra is the tech Avtar of the age old investor pro¬filing process. An enabler for every investor when it comes to knowing what is good for wealth. Impetus Arthasutra has been using this process to understand each investor deeply before constructing a portfolio for that individual. “Perhaps this process helps the respective investor too to understand his/her own profile much better than ever earlier. It’s a process which brings the Portfolio Manager and the investor on the same page, making the onward investment journey much smoother and fruitful”, says Dilip.

In 1970s, the Swiss watchmakers differentiated their high-end mechanical, rare and precious timepieces with the phrase ‘Haute horology’. In 2021, Impetus Arthasutra wishes to differentiate its highly personalized portfolio management service. In the near future, 'Impetus’ Arthasutra'might become synonymous to quality and trust in the Investment Management domain.