Human Connections: One -Stop - Shop for Hiring the Best Fitting Talent

Prerna Dhand   ,Managing Director

Prerna Dhand

Managing Director

In today’s constantly changing business world, the war for talent has become the war for skills. Companies now fiercely compete against each other to gain an extra edge by hiring the best talent available in the market. But effectively recruiting highly skilled and talented candidates comes with its own set of challenges, including recruitment costs, high TAT of recruitment, mediocre candidates, poor analytics, and more. Fortunately, the business world has recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) that solves nearly all of the hiring challenges. Human Connections is one such RPO service provider that deals with all of the organizational recruitment activities and offers end-to-end & pragmatic HR Outsourcing solutions for complex HR challenges. From varied choices to the best quality of candidates and strict background verification to minimum TAT of selection, this Raipur-based firm ensures to generate greater results for its clients.

Being an HR consulting company, Human Connections holds a vast experience in handling the entire HR gamut for various clients. This has helped the firm to understand the operations and the culture of the organizations. Leveraging this expertise, Human Connections offers its best efforts to filter the candidates and provide an asset to the client. The firm also offers onboarding and well planned induction to the companies for better handholding to the employee. This, in turn, provides a long term association and better productivity from the new onboard.

Comprehensive Services
Human Connections build a diverse talent pool for the clients that minimizes the hiring time and helps organizations to reduce
operating costs, streamline internal processes, and focus on their core business operations. The company has adapted a fresh set of recruiting trends that significantly impact the recruiting process, like Employer Branding, Inbound Recruitments, Talent Pools, Social Media, Recruitment Automation Tools, HR Analytics, Employee Referrals, and Strategic alignment.

We believe in matching the candidates with the culture and operations of the company using these tools, strategies and methods, so that the association of the employee sustains for years

“We believe in matching the candidates with the culture and operations of the company using these tools, strategies and methods, so that the association of the employee sustains for years,” avers Prerna Dhand, Managing Director, Human Connections. The firm’s recruitment process starts with analysis & planning, where the recruiter puts together a strategic recruiting plan to improve the hiring process. Next step involves candidate sourcing from various sources and following-up with the right matches. Thereafter, candidates are screened technically and interviewed as per the job description & operations specified by the client. To further add on, Human Connections performs the background verification for all the candidates shortlisted for onboarding, whilst also leveraging recruitment analytics to track and make improvements to ensure an effective recruitment process.

“Human Connections consulting team brings you international best practices with strong business and pragmatic local knowledge that help any organization or company to introduce innovative approach to its Human Resources Programs. The team offers substantial strategic value that is critical for growth and organization development,” says CloudHost Technology, Dubai.

Progression & Future Roadmap
Having served clients like TCS, GE, LG, Lafarge, L&T, and Jubilant Foods, the firm follows a transparent work culture where senior managers mentor the resource specialist to enhance their screening skills and help them follow the end-to-end recruitment process. Additionally, Human Connections provides learning & grooming sessions to upgrade the team with the new changes introduced in the industry.

Owning to these expert minds, Human Connections has made significant strides in the industry and has multiplied the revenue seven fold. With such dedicated services, the firm aims to become the best talent outsourcing company with more number of clients. “Our future vision is to enhance our HR outsourcing vertical, which will include recruitments as a comprehensive part. We have already started HR outsourcing with a few clients and wish to grow more in the end-to-end solutions workframe,” concludes Prerna.