HRipple Solutions: HR functions for Productivity and Profitability

Prachi Patwardhan Joshi,  FounderTo run a business successfully, management ought to bring out the true potential of its employees. For achieving that, the workforce needs to be equipped with a great environment that listens and acts to their needs. In the current competitive landscape of a liberal socio economic culture, businesses continue to bloom almost everywhere. In order to seamlessly run a business without any grapple for managing the people, enterprises across all verticals need a cognoscente HR team as a prerequisite. Headquartered in Mumbai, HRipple Solutions caters to businesses pan India with its versatile services in HR practices. The company maintains a quick turnaround time, which helps to understand and cater service according to the client's requirements.

Aftera rich 16 years of experience in HR practices, Prachi Patwardhan Joshi laid the foundation of HRipple Solutions. The idea germinated during a brief pause in her career, when Prachi started undertaking projects in her individual capacity for setting up overall HR departments and provide training to the employees. When projects became overwhelming in number, the concept of starting a standalone HR consultancy service took shape and giving way to the establishment of HRipple Solutions in November 2014. Today,the company has evolved as an end-to-end HR consulting firm. HRipple Solutions also caters to large enterprises that require special strategy inputs for the lack of bandwidth. "Our headcount of 12 is a mix of recruiters, trainers, consultants and payroll and compliance people. We set milestones that each one of us has to cover and always ensure that we have a big
celebration on collective achievements",says Prachi Patwardhan Joshi,Founder, HRipple Solutions. Existing and new clients have approached HRipple Solutions through references and word of mouth.

The portfolio of services delivered by HRipple Solutions includes End-to-End HR Setups & outsourcing, recruitment, training development and performance management

Keeping functions basic and capable of addressing the root cause can earn good results. Especially in HR related functions, simple procedures can end up seemingly difficult during implementation. HRipple Solutions ensures that the services they deliver are entirely utilized by the customer and implemented, so that the company can gradually improve on the issues. The portfolio of services delivered by HRipple Solutions includes End-to-End HR Setups & outsourcing, recruitment, training development and performance management. Portions of functional training are availed too. Besides this, Performance Management assistance and role out, HR policy framework, culture deck, employee engagement activities, work climate survey, and Training Need Analysis are initiated in outsourcing. The company has

Team HRipple
executed training projects like outbound training through which clients have gained fruitful benefits. HRipple Solutions has helped international business players to start their branches in India. Upon approaching HRipple, few of the clients belonging to various industries, were assisted with requirements to set up the entire HR functions, including hiring of 10 to 500 employees, followed by providing training, and composing HR policies & communication. HRipple has served diverse industries and recruited pan India, including remote locations like Srinagar & Leh. HRipple has assisted a Kuwait based architecture firm to do a recruitment drive in Mumbai & send people there. At the same time, this firm has also helped some US based clients to setup their operations in India. For HRipple Solutions, further steps are to introduce services that enhance internal development of organizations across India & even global players setting up here.