HotelJobber: Bridging the Gap between Hoteliers and Professionals with Technology

Pawan Patole,CEOThe hotel & tourism industry is the biggest industry in India with 30% of businesses owned by the food industry. From small food joints, restaurants, resorts to five star luxury hotels, the industry is gargantuan. Along with the many issues that this industry faces, the task of finding, hiring and sustaining the right manpower is the most challenging one. However, with the industry seeing a positive growth in the last few years, a plethora of experienced professionals in the industry working abroad have been trying to return and find a suitable job in India.

Founded in 2016, HotelJobber is bridging the gap between hoteliers in need of expert staff and experienced professionals in the arena. is a secured job portal that uses simple methods to register candidates on the portal for free and find the suitable hotelier to find a job with. It is a platform for hoteliers too, who can pay a fee and search for staff with relevance to their needs with ease. They both can view each others' profiles, details and get their needs fulfilled.

`We are a new age job portal that makes sure that every candidate's profile is verified and the hoteliers get the best of our service. Our back office professionals help candidates who are not digitally progressive to build their profiles online and get the deserved exposure for their talent,' says Pawan Patole, Founder, HotelJobber.
The Journey to assist Hoteliers in Eliminating their Biggest Impediment
HotelJobber has been founded by Pawan Patole and Pranjal Patole. Previously Pawan and Pranjal owned a small restaurant and faced impediments in terms of staffing and hiring experienced professionals who have the potential to drive their business to success. They had no option but to hire staff recommended by an agent who charged a thousand for his services but failed to meet the expectations. Out of the eight people they recommended, only three were experienced and the remaining were fresher's not even from hotel industry background. Training the fresher's was promised by the agents but that never translated into reality.

`We realized that this is a common and most draining issue faced by most hoteliers and they seek assistance in this arena. Our entrepreneurial drive helped us take this issue seriously, find a solution and help every hotelier who wants to grow faster with the right talent and experts', says Pawan Patole, Founder, HotelJobber.

In the year of 2016, Pawan and Pranjal started their placement service for the hotel industry from Pune, named as `Hotel Jobber Recruitment Services'. This was when they started connecting with experienced and talented hotel staff from across the country and strived to build a strong database. The hotel recruitment service provider's name spread rapidly amongst top talents as most of their peers started getting promising jobs. On the other hand the expertise of the company helped hoteliers in getting the right talent too, and thus there was no looking back. This helped the company make a positive name for them with much efficacy and thus grow as one of the most trusted recruitment service providers in the hotel industry.

`Only with a team of three telecallers, we managed to offer a huge number of jobs to staff in hotels spread across the country. Hoteliers started trusting us and their requirements increased day by day. Although it became difficult at some point of time but we kept our calm, planned to launch our online job portal exclusively for the hotel industry, that can take the load of the huge demands of hoteliers hailing from pan India,' says Pranjal Patole, Founder, HotelJobber.

Aiming To Offer More in the Future
Currently, has more than 200 job categories listed on their website. The company is continuously working towards developing its team, enhancing its mobile application and website to make its services streamlined and seamless for all its users and customers.