hiringplug: Plugging the Supply Gap for the Right Candidate

Vikramjit Singh Sahaye,   Founder & CEOLike every other industry, AI has fine tuned the HR industry as well. However, contrary to popular beliefs, technology alone cannot perfect an industry that has 'human' element so deeply embedded in its name. There will still be the need for the real human element of assessing softskills and how someone will truly fit into an organization. A serial entrepreneur, with 22 years of experience hiring professionals, Vikramjit Singh Sahaye realized the dire need for a platform that can bring back the human element into the recruitment process. In the fast-paced industry, where technology is the gatekeeper, scores of truly deserving candidates still get eliminated before reaching the employer, because some one failed to write a few keywords.

More so, as tier 1 & tier 2 enterprises hire in bulk, often the most suitable candidate for the job gets lost in the stampede. Therefore, Vikramjit built a curated marketplace for recruiters and called it hiringplug. hiringplug assists employers to find the right talent faster by leveraging a network of highly specialized recruiters to their advantage. It also provides several integrated tools such as Intelligent matching & ranking, Resume Parsing, Applicant Tracking system (ATS), Interview scheduler, Vendor Management System (VMS), Candidate Ratings and communication modules to boost recruiter productivity. Mixing the right proportions of Artificial Intelligence and human element,
hiringplug has been transforming Talent Acquisition as we know it.

As a B2B player(marketplace for recruitment firms), New
Delhi based hiringplug bridges the demand supply gap
between employers looking for candidates for a particular role and the recruitment firms that supply the candidates. Vikramjit identified the two fold problem existing in the job market in India that hints towards the lack of handholding in the recruitment domain. On one hand, there are employers who struggle with finely articulating the job description for an Ad, and on the flipside, the manpower suppliers are unable to offer more career choices to their candidates, affecting productivity. Through qualification rounds and constancies at both ends, hiringplug is presenting employers with the right candidate from multiple specialist agencies from any where across the country. Besides, as a single point sourcing & engagement platform, hiringplug offers a great deal of flexibility for the employers to define their hiring velocity.

hiringplug is democratizing the HR sector and creating entrepreneurs in the recruitment domain

Democratizing the Recruitment Sector
hiringplug is democratizing the HR sector and creating entrepreneurs in the recruitment domain. The platform allows boutique recruitments agencies, freelance and gig recruiters to leverage their technology or domain expertise to assist larger firms with their hiring tasks. Recognized as the Best Resourcing Software by the HR community, they are designed to reach even the most passive candidates and work across the board from entry level to even niche, leadership positions. This approach hasbrought in a concept of entrepreneurship in the recruitment market where only the best talents can help recruit the best candidates for the respective role.

Though industry agnostic, this platform has registered several remarkable and crucial success stories in its journey so far. When a Boston based international publisher was looking for a Collection Analyst to conduct custom campaigns, the firm faced trouble finding someone who had the relevant experience, qualifications as well as exceptional communication skills. Not sure how to go about it as they had exhausted their sources, the client approached hiringplug. The hiringplug team worked closely with the HR team to fully understand the challenges, restrictions and location specific nuances. Not only did hiringplug provide relevant profiles, but handheld them through the process of scheduling and finalizing the right candidate. hiringplug was able to quickly source quality candidates who not only met the requirements, but also demonstrated high intent. With a 70 percent shortlist rate, the client was able to hire a candidate within 8 days.

Like a torch bearer in the HR domain, hiringplug further intends bring in more reformations in the Recruitment ecosystem to make hiring a seamless, result oriented & a pleasant experience.