Happiness-Infuser: Rekindling Keenness in Corporates, Installing Happiness in Workplaces

Komal Somani, Founder & CEO,Moses David, Chief Delight Officer

Komal Somani, Founder & CEO

Moses David, Chief Delight Officer

Rewards and punishments are the two facets of the same coin. In any organization, rewards aid as positive motivation to boost morale or encourage beneficial behaviour. Contrarily, punishments are prescribed to discourage immoral acts or inefficacy. In the present corporate ecosystem, different companies of varied sizes operating in diverse sectors are coping with one or the other workplace complications hurdles in attracting talent, low retention, high attrition rates, inadequate team bonding and employee engagement are the most common of them. As such, employers remain under tremendous pressure to make-up for the loss.

Relieving employers of this restlessness & employees of their discomposure Nashik based Happiness Infuser incorporates a careful selection of content that covers numerous employee engagement areas such as values & purpose, health & wellness, relationships with colleagues, creativity, exploration, language, and social skills. Designed by employee engagement experts, activity formulators and human resource/ organization development leaders, its theme-based monthly stress buster & engagement box for workplaces efficiently elevates employee’s happiness in a meaningful way.

Escalating Efficiency Inhibiting Incompetence
“In the world of measuring KPIs and KRAs,
we forget to measure the real gold, that is'Happiness'. So here, we come with this secret recipe to calculate, measure and elevate your workplace’s happiness quotient,” avers Komal Somani, Founder & CEO, Happiness-Infuser. As per Gallup, a renowned analytics & advisory company, disengaged employees show 37 percent higher absenteeism and are 49 percent more accident prone, besides being susceptible to 60 percent additional error & defect.

Tapping the untouched areas of people’s life, Happiness Infuser leverages EQ (Emotional Quotient) to overcome hurdles like misaligned management, leadership and culture. Bringing into play its Happiness Infuser Box, HI-Studio(the first ever employee engagement store) and Happiness & Culture architect architecture the firm is able to cultivate and elevate happiness quotient. Besides this creating roadmaps for employees by working on their cultural roots is made possible while keeping in mind employer branding, attrition and retention. Thus it is able to reduce absenteeism by 20 times, escalate sales by 37 percent productivity by 31 percent, E-SAT scores by 50 percent, and boost creativity by three times!

Happiness-Infuser’s theme based monthly stress buster & engagement box for workplaces efficiently elevates employee’s happiness in a meaningful way

Shattering Monotony, Strengthening Variety
Besides being up-to-date with all the latest organization culture forums, the company ensures to send its team to happiness & culture conferences every quarter. Organized by certified happiness & culture professional and coaches these summits enrich the firm with ideas to stay a step ahead in the game.

A company breaking monotony through perfect stress busters, Happiness-Infuser has a broad client base which includes companies such as Sula Vineyards, ESDS Software Solutions, Wisdom High International School, Abhinandan Urban Co-Op Bank, Dhule Nandurbar District Co-operative Bank and Miscot Systems. “Growing drastically at a rate of 75 percent since the past few months, the firm is working on 'happiness index & audit’ and is soon coming-up with an innovative generation-wide happiness & values kit where we'll be focusing on instilling and imbibing principles and to increase the happiness quotient of India,”concludes Komal.