Gratifi: Rewarding Loyalty with Loyalty through an Engaging R&R Platform

Tapas Lenka, CEOA commonly held misconception is that monetary rewards are the only way to show appreciation for an employee’s hard work. However, a recent Glassdoor survey revealed that 81 percent employees feel more motivated when their higher-ordinates express appreciation for their work. Given the fact that 46 percent of the Indian corporate workforce constitutes millennials, the market is in desperate need of more innovative, contemporary employee engagement reforms. Launched in 2017 as a SaaS platform, Gratifi is accomplishing just that. Gratifi has created an exclusive Rewards & Recognitions(RnR) platform in the form of a digital interface that helps build a culture of appreciation in an organization.

Whether it is appreciating employees, channel partners or customers for their recurring superlative performances or loyalty, Gratifi offers an accessible way for stakeholders to connect with a brand. Gratifi goes beyond rewards and facilitates effective collaboration in the workplace. Its’ features include a unified forum where every participant can share posts, images, videos or accomplishments with their colleagues. Gratifi also has a robust learning and development module that helps gamify learning initiatives and helps employees better their performance. Besides, Gratifi provides HR leaders with regular updates on everyday moods, reward points distribution patterns, redemption trends and other relevant statistics.
From a customer’s point of view Gratifi is known for its robust reporting capabilities. This adept tooling is helping customers take informed decisions on rewarding employees keep track of the recipient's performance milestones and obtain valuable insights about their behavior at the workplace. Further, it can also assist the customer in taking strategic decisions about employee engagement. With an open integration system, Gratifi’s platform can be easily aligned with a company’s Key Performance Indicators(KPI) to gain maximum ROI for the implemented revenue strategy.

With an open integration system, Gratifi’s platform can be easily aligned with a company’s Key Performance Indicators(KPI) to gain maximum ROI for the implemented revenue strategy

Rewarding Made Easy
Instead of distributing sweets this Diwali or giving a chocolate as a birthday gift, corporate gifting can be made a more engaging process for employees by giving them the freedom of choice. Gratifi has an expansive and well curated catalog of products like corporate jerseys, coffee mugs, card holders, and more, which can be customized as preferred. Be it a physical gift or a digital voucher, its inventory has an assorted collection of gift items at competitive prices.

Addressing the diverse needs of today’s multi generational workforce, Gratifi’s gift-vouchers cover trip accomodations dining & entertainment opportunities and health & lifestyle needs. With an established warehouse and logistics network, Gratifi offers a hassle free delivery to procurement teams, while also providing the opportunity to track packages.

Tapas Lenka, CEO, Giftease Technologies, states, “Gratifi is a digital first solution. Our primary goal is to aid HR teams with their digital transformation needs. Not only are we collecting more insights on how employees today respond to various engagement strategies, but we are also increasing collaboration with a key focus on peer-to-peer recognition. The flexibility of our platform allows us to adapt to a client’s needs and strive to meet their cultural goals”. Gratifi is investing in new features like advanced data analytics, mobile applications, chatbot solutions and others to engage people in a better way. This young company is gaining heightened response from customers for its array of thoughtful products and ability to continuously evolve. Thanks to such initiatives, Gratifi is expected to achieve a 100 percent YOY growth this financial year.