FLAME TAO Knoware: Making Employees Self-Capable for World Class Business Performance

S Badri Narayana ,MD & Chief Consultant

S Badri Narayana

MD & Chief Consultant

The new era of technology has changed and automated every business process, making it essential for organizations to up-skill or re-skill employees with current technology. Workforce programs motivate employees to find their true potential and boost their productivity and capability for organizations. FLAME TAO (Totally Aligned Organization) Knoware is an Organization Design consulting company and workforce solution provider that was established in 2000 with a team of 10 and offices located at Chennai and Bangalore.

Energising Workforce with an inclusive approach through Cues and SEDAC Methodology
FLAME TAO Knoware (TAO) aligns all departments/functions of organizations to a common basket of objectives and goals implied in action for individual role holders and task executioners. “A free-flow of positive energy is generated within the team”, claims S Badri Narayana, Managing Director of FLAME TAO Knoware. TAO has developed an Operational Excellence Maturity Model on a Likert scale to map current maturity levels for organizations as well as future maturity levels required to continuously improve performance in Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Information and Morale. TAO develops frameworks and implement programs for Workforce
Solution on the basis of Human Behaviour, Best Practices with deep knowledge of each function and the complexities between functions of the organization. TAO believes that every individual can add value by discovering their potential and ‘be the best they can be’, to make a significant difference to the organization and be recognized for their contribution.

TAO has developed creative workforce solution, with Visual communication systems through Infographics and Edu-graphics

TAO brings in a unique combination of tools and techniques categorized through the four levels of personal alignment, role alignment, organizational alignment and business alignment. They thoroughly study every function in terms of culture, people narratives, best practices and business performance measures. They use a ‘catch ball’ process to negotiate an in-depth set of targets, facilitating organizations to be aware of its current status to plan future goals for business performance, customer delight and employee growth. This helps employees as well as the organization know what they need to achieve and how to achieve it.

To up-lift people capability, the central themes of HR is through adjoining talent potential with concerned business strategy, for stand-out exploration and growth for both employees and organization.

Some workforce engagement themes are through a unique cue card system for mass interaction
and feedback on change management. All key improvements and problem solving is enabled through SEDAC- Structure to Enhance Daily Activity through Creativity. This builds role and work effective management emanating from aligned goals and enhances performance. To facilitate workplace awareness and need-to-know information, TAO has developed creative workforce solution, with Visual communication systems through Infographics and Edu-graphics. TAO has a comprehensive cultural workshop program specially designed for experiential learning for self, on roles and responsibilities by exercises, through Theatre, Dance and Process work. It builds the relatedness with deeper level of understanding of each other, through a journey of an individual ‘River of life’ that involves sharing and building common bonds and giving a sense of clear and an ease of conversation with freedom of expression. More so, the Managing Director, S Badri Narayana, has been a reputed mentor to an Apparel organisation. The director of the client firm quotes, “It goes without saying that growth of our company was made possible due to his continuous intervention and guidance”.

TAO has core expertise in Leadership development and Executive coaching. Coaching needs are assessed through three different aspects of self-aspiration, task process mastery and people development. With such strides towards enhancing employee engagement, TAO is further digitalizing all their models, approaches and techniques with the emerging technology for accelerating learning aspects of best practices, internal-external customer sensitivity, energy quotient and assessment for self-development.