Eximious Global: One-Stop Solution for Hiring the Finest Fitting Talent

Shree Nair,Co-Founder & Director

Shree Nair

Co-Founder & Director

With the global economical growth, companies are increasingly disbanding their internal recruitment teams and relying on recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) companies for finding the best talent as it allows them to focus more on business strategies and branding instead. Being one of the fastest growing names in the international recruitment industry, Eximious Global is banking on this industry growth by providing end-to-end services for all hiring needs, 24x7x365. Armed with its own generated database containing a whopping 60,000 candidates, access to major job boards & portals, and a specialized team to hunt for a particular skill-set, this company endows clients with the filtered & finest candidates within the lowest possible turnaround time.

“We search candidates following each and every point mentioned in the job description and requirement even if they are different for each role and hence, we provide candidates who are above 90 percent accurate and suitable to the role,” divulges Shree Nair, Co-Founder & Director, Eximious Global, who comes with over 19 years of multifunctional rich experience in sales & marketing, BD, profit center operations and
others. Its workforce consists of individuals with 21 years experience in the management team and hand-picked skilled staff with a minimum experience of 3-5 years to provide quality service. However, the best part is that these skilled resources & features are offered in a cost-effective module that reduces their investment by 30-40 percent behind their in-house team. “By providing dedicated resource to every client, we ensure that they get 100 percent productivity, data security, quality system and resource, who would get a space to be dedicated to same client instead of churning their mind and effort for many clients,” adds Shree.

Eximious helps organizations to reduce their hiring cost, and streamline their recruitment processes, which help them to effectively meet their staffing needs

Comprehensive Services
Rendering end-to-end General Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions including job posting, searching candidates on job boards, applicant tracking, resume screening and scheduling interviews among others, and Finance & Accounting & IT domains, Eximious helps organizations to reduce their hiring cost, and streamline their recruitment processes, which help them to effectively meet their staffing needs. Healthcare recruitment being its forte, the company is enabling UK’s biggest
frameworks of NHS who are direct providers of clinical & non-clinical staffs, with overarching services such as sourcing, reactivation, compliance & framework checks like Fitness to Work & CRB, educational certificates &professional membership, time sheet management and accounts management.

Stringently safeguarding client's data, Eximious has implemented several cutting-edge infrastructural features (Unified Threat Management, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration and SSL encryption) and binds its employees with NDA, which makes outsourcing a delightful experience for its clients. Besides training the recruitment consultants to specialize in a particular industry, its L&D department consisting of experienced & qualified trainers provides client-specific 21 days of classroom training & 15 days of operational floor training.

Progression & Future Roadmap
Being in-charge of its clients' operational and service deliveries of recruitments, Eximious is developing a CRM-like in-house web platform to manage and maintain data, time sheets, payroll for temporary candidates, shift booking, job posting & many more on one platform, which will be offered to clients in the negligible investment bracket. With 45 percent revenue growth in the past quarter, Eximious aims to achieve revenue of over 75 percent by the end of the year. This Ahmedabad headquartered company with offices in Dubai and London, plans to broaden its physical presence by the end of 2018 in California, Sydney and Singapore.