Excel Corporation: A Whole Some Consulting Firm Providing Efficient HR Consulting & Training Services

Rajaraman Swami,DirectorIn this cutthroat competitive business times, working with ethics is vanishing. Companies are ready to fall prey to the evanescence cost margin demands of their clients, just for survival,resulting in diminishing service quality and trust factor that largely taxes ethical companies. HR industry is the most affected one due to the increasing number of non-experienced or loosely experienced HR professionals starting their own business with just a desktop and a smart phone. While delivery gets compromised, clients lose their trust. But founded with the mission to empower women workforce in India and provide uncompromised HR services that is beyond perfection, Excel Corporation breathes ethics and works only on fundamentals & strong values it was created on.

Born to provide the best recruitment service available in a timely manner, this quality-oriented consultancy firm draws its inspiration from Rajaraman Swami(Director) who holds over 35 years of extensive corporate experience from bottom to the top positions. Under his banner,the company handles end-to-end placement in niche and challenging top management positions for IT and non IT clients,
right from executives to director level.“HR is a very challenging industry. Here clients often come with one line briefs, leaving the rest on us to map out,”says Rajaraman. Post comprehending the psychology of the client and the candidate apart from the KRAs, Excel filters the best match for a perfect marriage just within 24-72 hours of the rollout. Every CV that goes from Excel is cent percent verified. Additionally, the candidates are even coached regarding the KRAs, and only when it feels that they are ready for it, Excel refers them to its clients.

Post comprehending the psychology of the client and the candidate apart from the KRAs, Excel filters the best match for a perfect marriage just within 24-72 hours of the rollout.

To ensure this commitment lasts long, the company branched out to provide value added services akin to training & development, mentoring, executive coaching,career management & planning, counseling, and writing & editing resume.“The industry needs candidates who can think on their feet, are enterprising and come with multiple experience on their CV. Hence we offer value added benefits to the candidates,”asserts Bhargavi Swami, Head Operations & Brand Management, Excel. The company trains candidates adequately especially for sales, marketing and soft skills along with communications training. And if certain thing falls out of its area of
expertise, Excel guides candidates towards the right direction.

Moving Beyond Ordinary

Extending its services further, Excel provides complete media & corporate communication, campaign management, and communication planning for clients at different stages, both internal and external. Believing in working with few but virtuous clients, Excel takes a well-rounded approach leaving no loose ends, whether it is placements, training, compensation benefit study or media & corporate communication. Currently serving clients from automotive, aviation, banking, FMCG, healthcare, telecom and several other sectors, Excel foresees a huge traction coming from tier II and tier III cities. Aligning its vision with Start Up India, Digital India, the company effectively caters to this segment.

Its team of 15 all-women consultants has taken Excel to yet another level where clients have become its advocate and showered it with referrals. “To bridge the industry gap has always been our motivation. Hence we want to reach more to the rural areas to help talented and skilled man power get connected with job,”says Rajaraman. Currently spreading its wings into other verticals, the company is working towards being an alternate partner to its clients to provide them wholesome consulting experience. “We want to indirectly provide service to our nation to make sure the people we placed now becomes ambassadors of our country tomorrow and play leading roles in global platforms,” concludes Bhargavi.