Engage2Win: Creating Happy Workplaces & Happier Employees

According to Simon Sinek, an American author & motivational speaker, ‘When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute”. Realizing that emotional investment will spearhead and give them an edge in the longer run, companies today review their systems to reward their employees, which helps them retain talent in this fierce market and foster engagement. Helping companies to steer their growth through high trust and high performance culture by devising unique employee engagement & team building programs are Engage2Win.

Delivering Employee Experience
“We are a specialized employee engagement & team building company that elevates employee experience through its high impact engagement programs. We are a talented team of passionate professionals’that brings 'wow factor' to each project with our impeccable levels of professionalism in high pressure situations,” asserts Vandana Singh, Co-Founder, Engage2Win. As a one-stop-solution provider, Engage2Win has three strong verticals Internal Communications, Employee Engagement and Team Building programmes. From organizing Games and sport activities to theatre workshops, wellness programs, yoga modules & quiz sessions, indoor & outdoor engagements and VR Games, the company thinks out-of-the-box to ensure every act means employee satisfaction, whilst create a vibrant and positive workplace.

Highly Customized Approach
With an employee first mindset, Engage2Win first identify the problem, the objective and the audience before conducting any program. It then delves deep into identifying the issues through discussions, problem identification documents and rece of the site. “Discussion and deliberations are the keys that help us to design a program. We try to uncover the insights, look for facts and then strategize & recommend the optimal solution as well as
the best delivery of it how to engage and activate,” explains Vandana.

Delivering Solutions that Drive Engagement
This Noida-based company’s programs/activities are strategically designed to ensure the message is clear and targeted, which helps attract, inform, engage, and ultimately change the employee experience to deliver results for the employees and the business. Following the big communication approach, the company takes focus, vision, right talent and creative direction into consideration to produce a high standard of beauty & functional design in a way that alignswith and enhances an organization’s existing brand. “Our programs are designed to promote team work, team bonding, leadership skills and performance as well as providing a fun team activity that everyone can enjoy,”adds Vandana.

Creating Vibrant Workplace
From small team activities for 25 people to major events for over 200 delegates, every Engage2Win team building event is tailor-made to fit the time, budget and aims(from serious team work to pure fun) of the clients. Renowned as the new-age employee engagement company, it offers the next level solutions team building engagement with virtual reality offerings. It has helped plan programs where teams are taken on virtual trip to a roller coaster ride where a person can feel the similar thrill and excitement. But achieving this feat isn’t an easy task. It requires complete dedication towards quality while considering affordability. Hence Engage2Win has a well defined process to on-board partners that will enable it to offer the best solutions that would help clients achieve their goals.

Training and Development is the new gem in our services specially designed for education industry schools as well as colleges. The key objective is to fill the void between book knowledge and practical world. Career counselling, training, seminar, expert talks are the tools of this service which help the students to choose the right career path in their life.

Redefining Employee Engagement through Digital
Having added Sports & VR based games in its arsenal, Engage2Win organizes several games and sports activities like cricket, football, basket-ball and VR games depending on the interest of the employees, which helps build reliance, trust and understanding among the employees and inculcates sportsman spirit in them. This 2018 founded company has already changed its gear to become the next-generation employee engagement company with focus on sports engagement and team building programs. Going forward, the key emphasis of Engage2Win will be on leveraging VR and AI in all its activities/programs that will help it edge and bring close to its clients.