Emvid: Bridging the Gap between Employer and Applicant through Innovative Solution of Storytelling

Dipak Naskar,Founder & CEO

Dipak Naskar

Founder & CEO

As India grows continuously, there will always be a requirement for talented experts to work for the companies. With this, there has been a growth in many job portals. It is estimated that the top job portals fill up more than 80% of the job vacancies filled. Finding a job and getting a dream job are two different things. After completing studies, everyone wants to get in the most admirable job, which gives a good salary and a respectable position. Job portals help and guide applicants in getting the desired job.

However, the battle for the right candidate continues to rage as 48% of Indian employers for the job. Lack of available candidates, technical competencies amongst those present, refusal to move to another location, poor image of the occupation, and demand for a higher salary have been the key reason or struggles of the Indian employers to find the ideal candidate.
Perfectly understanding the needs, Emvid aids companies to hire better and faster by saving 80% of hiring cost and time by representing success stories and achievements of the candidates to the employer in the form of profile videos that can impress the requite in minutes. Emvid was established in 2019 by Dipak Naskar with the vision to create a top-notch job marketplace, transform the efficiency of the recruiting process and help people to find their ideal job. Moreover, Emvid is an internet company connecting the gap between potential job searching candidates and companies.

Many candidates look better on paper than they do in the workplace. Conversely, many candidates' passion and ambition just don't come through on one page. Also, as a hiring manager, they often need to skim through dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes to find the right candidates. Once found the top prospects, they have to screen and interview them which can be very time-consuming. Emvid offers insightful information through resume videos of job seekers speaking on a film about their skills, qualification, and experience.

It provides the ability to see candidates in person without even scheduling an interview giving the hiring managers a more personal feel for the candidate much earlier in the process. Further, profile video is the latest way to reach employers, they get to gauge candidates' soft skills, communication skills, and the strengths one will bring to the position applied for, better than they could in a written resume.

Currently, the company is working to provide automated candidate screening solutions that have the potential to solve the resume problem that continues to disquiet recruiters. Further, the company is looking forward to expanding its business in multiple sectors like manufacturing, IT, FMCG, and many more. "Covid-19 has taken away thousands of jobs and rendered a vast population unemployed due to the shutdowns and economic problems that have arisen due to the pandemic. My motto is to help people find jobs as per their desired position, skills and location" concludes Dipak Naskar.