Elevatoz: Offering a Serve - Easy DIY Rewards & Recognition Platform

Most corporate of big metros today, house a culturally diverse and muti-age group of employees. This has made the job for the HR managers more difficult to align the employee reward and recognition program in creating a memorable experience for the employees. The majority of the rewards & recognition programs being thought-based fail in timely delivery of rewards in amplifying the employee are rewarding experience, whereas the actions taken should be more rapid and faster. Don’t keep the employees waiting to receive compliments for a job well done with Elevatoz’s serve easy DIY platform one can get the work done three times faster.

Elevatoz carries an indepth industry outlook and presents the one great reason for being one of the preferred platforms in employee Rewards & Recognition services. Bhaskar Venkataramasetty(Co-Founder & Director, Elevatoz), a loyalty professional with 16 years of service experience, honed a thorough knowledge about the challenges that most employers face in managing the reward services. Bhaskar strongly believes that as the modern work places are evolving with technology, rewards and recognition program too should vest the upgrades. He viewed that there is a growing desire to become more public and streamlined within the work place and will soon wave-over the old practice to keep rewarding confidential.

“As intrinsic rewards are no longer to cut-it, extrinsic rewards have become popular motivators for employee performance. So it’s important for companies to mindful of these changing recognition and rewards trends, especially when going into 2020. Moreover, companies are expected to demonstrate employee appreciation as part of their retention strategy and this is a core area where the Recognize team can help make an impact” adds Bhaskar.

End-to-End Rewarding Solutions
Elevatoz offers an exhaustive services employee rewards and recognition services. From technology to consultancy it caters to all, along with an attached rewards catalog for the clients. With Elevatoz’s DIY tool, the employer can straight away skip the rewards management task, as the laurels that are
granted to access the platform, allowing the rewardees the flexibility to choose their engagement. It has a lucrative catalog of about 2,000+ branded items and vouchers from categories like travel, lifestyle, and others. “Rewarding employees for hitting KPIs is a fun and effective way to motivate them to stay-on-top of their goals! Engaged employees are also 17 percent more productive and have 41 percent lower absenteeism than disengaged employees according to Gallup’s State of the Workplace,” states Kiran Pesala.

From technology to consultancy Elevatoz caters to all, along with an attached rewards catalog for the clients

The platform is tailor made and implemented within a span of two days. On the other side, employers will gain a robust ground in winning the employee’s trust and reduced employee turnover by making them loyal employees in serving the organization. The tool used in implementing the programs are scripted in PHP and the framework is maintained by Oracle software, which leaves an open-end to further customize or re-program as per the clients need.

Elevatoz constantly works on the industry benchmarks in reward selection and curates the catalog, and never compromises on the quality of the products. It has tie-ups with the most trusted and well known suppliers thus the indexed items are not-only branded but bear manufacturer warranty which are valid across India. Delay in delivery is considered as an offense as far as rewarding is concerned, thus it is assisted by its trusted logistic partners to never miss the sport of any event. Kiran adds, “Our items are door delivered and we agree on a 7-10 days TAT with our clients and ensure that 99 percent of the products get delivered as per the SLA’s”.

SAAS Based Model
In dotcom world, SAAS model is the new outlook for those who wants to offer affordable software services. Like wise, Elevatoz is leveraging the per user-licensing tool, a subcategory of utility computing, allowing them to avail the platform at a much lower cost than any other reward services offered in the market. In enabling the DIY tool, it is offering bulk packages to the client, where the applicable charges are calculated based on the number of the employees who will be availing the platform. Additionally, Elevatoz is constantly upgrading the platform with new features and upgrades. The clients can easily update the platform with no added charges upon the updates. Kiran concludes, “We completed two years of Elevatoz we currently serve more than 50 clients PAN India and compared to last year, Elevatoz is growing at 200 percent growth”.