Dr. Ankita Singh: A Determined Individual & Trailblazing HR Leader

Ankita Singh,Senior Vice President & Global Head HR

Ankita Singh

Senior Vice President & Global Head HR

"In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people", stated Julie Bevacqua, President, Rise People. Also Seth Godin, the renowned American author once expressed his thought about human resources (HR) leadership stating "Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work". There is one thing common in both of the aforementioned quotes. Both simply signifies that HR leaders play a vital role in organizational transformation while acting as a key link between management and the employee workforce.

Apart from that it also signifies that without leadership, all other business elements will lie dormant. Some may contend that such quotations look good only on papers, but only a true leader under-stands the actual meaning and implements the value of the aforementioned quotes. Dr. Ankita Singh, Senior Vice President & Global Head HR, Cignex Datamatics, is one such leader who truly manifests the antecedent quote as well as its context.

Individual with Solid Will
An independent soul from the very beginning, Dr. Ankita is a true epitome for the term `determined'. It was the most crucial yet determined decision that she took when she decided to drop engineering to pursue her academics in the field of management. Her inner calling was to explore the full meaning
of the management domain. Hence, she went for the same but with a small twist; she joined the corporate sector while pursuing her education (to stay independent).

This was the base from where her journey of leadership started. Today, Dr. Ankita holds is renowned as a veteran who has more than 22 years of progressive experience in managing and leading various aspects of human resources spanning across high paced business domains of ITES. A PhD in Management and a Gold Medalist in BBA as well as MBA, Dr. Ankita is also a certified PPA (Thomas Profiling) Practitioner.

Prior to joining Cignex, she has worked for various esteemed organizations including Sahara India, Convergys, Zensar, Hexaware, and Datamatics. Not just that, but she has been instrumental in the growth of all of the organization with which she has associated. Dr. Ankita not only acts as a leader but delegates her leadership values among everyone surrounding her. As the HR head, she endeavours to spark, transform and empower the HR and support functions including Administration, Travel, and Resource Management for the entire organization. Not just that but she has been dedicating herself to building a reliable and outstanding environment and culture for the Cignex team.

It's all about building relationships and problem-solving. By connecting with others you get a unique perspective on the problems and also resolutions to those problems

Dr. Ankita believes strongly in diversity, respects the preferences & choices of each & every individual and strives to connect & engage with all of the employees, and this is what makes her a great leader. "It's all about building relationships and problem-solving. By connecting with others you get a unique perspective on the problems and also resolutions to those problems. In today's world, HR is responsible to ensure that everybody understands the culture and everyone is future and market-ready," asserts Dr. Ankita.

Suggestion to Peers
Accumulating her vast industry experience, Dr. Ankita shares her secret to budding HRs for achieving success. She reveals three factors that are essential for attaining victory in the current business world. "Invest in your-self and people, accept & learn how to adapt to changes and stay relevant. Follow these requirements and keep yourself updated to maintain employee engagement. Get employee engagement right and you reap the rewards" concludes Dr. Ankita.