Decon Jobs: Using Decades of Experience to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Organization

Priyank Deshmukh & CEO and Medha Deshmukh & COO , PriyadarshanDeshmukh & MDToday executive search and headhunting has become an important part of any company’s talent acquisition function, where many organizations rely on their online database to source a relevant candidate. These online databases areunfortunately, neither exhaustive nor unique. The profiles here might be available to hundreds of other companies and consultancies,andhardly fit the criteria. However, Priyadarshan Deshmukh, MD (with an experience of 35 years in the HR industry) sought to resolve this issue and founded DeconManagement Services that is instrumental in sourcing senior level candidates who might not be pursuing an active job hunt but would nevertheless be relevant to the desired positions. Mumbai-based DeconJobs’ expertise lies in headhunting senior level candidates with the required technical and managerial skillset that cannot be easily sourced from online data bases.Currently, the company’s operations are handled by PriyankDeshmukh (CEO). A computer science graduate from K.J Somaiya, Mumbai and a PGDM holder IIM Ranchi ,Priyank primarily focuses on executive searches in the domain of I.T, Finance & Banking, FMCG, Hospitality and Retail sectors.

Decon doessychometric assessments of candidates to define their attitude and professional ambitions to determine whether they would be the right fit for their clients

Combining Experience & Expertise

Established in 1980, Decon’s experience of almost four decades and a strong search team of 25 consultants help filter candidates from the remotest corners of India to an international scale. The company’s knowledge of cross functional &cross geographical senior level candidate network and national& international exposure to the industry helps it gain an edge over its competitors. Its leadership hiring undertakes a frame work of first defining requirements and then proceeding with headhunting candidates, candidate screening and finally sending the shortlisted data to the client. By catering to various national and international business houses (TATA, HUL and many more) across industries, Decon assigns the right team of consultants for the job who understand the client company, their culture, people and leadership, and matches them with candidates who would fit in effortlessly.

“We tap into our pool of select & assessed candidates across the globe to recruit quickly & efficiently,” states Medha Deshmukh,COO, DeconJobs. Taking the task forward,it also does salary negotiation on clients’ behalf, along with background verification. Besides executive search,Decon functions as a talent.
advisory and a career counselling platform to job seekers. This online platform named Zobber. Me targets millennial and helps them combine their passion and profession thus enabling them to make the right career decisions. Decon with its technology fused approach, is giving recruitment a new look with its new mobile app Hire local that assists job seekers locate jobs suitable to their profile and helps companies locate relevant candidates within five kilometre distance from their location. Beneficial especially for Tier I cities, it helps save a lot of time& cost for both companies and candidates.

Additionally, Decon does psychometric assessments of candidates to define their attitude and professional ambitions to determine whether they would be the right fit for their clients. On the other hand, the company even assists candidates understand the company structure and dynamics before they decide to join. “Understanding stability, integrity, right compensation & incentives are some on the key areas where we help & advise our clients,” informs Priyank.

Helping not just corporates, but even students to build their career, Decon has collaborated with several top-notch B-Schools and technical institutes to help students get placed during summer & final recruitment seasons, and additionally trains students to effectively perform in GDs and PIs. “We provide internships in marketing and HR to give students a first hand experience of working as executive search consultants," states Priyank. In the future, we will see a more tech savvy Decon with a personal touch that is getting ready to disrupt the HR industry and service customer with greater precision and diligence.