CorpRAS: Conducting a Tech-Revolution in the Staffing Industry

Rajan R,Director

Rajan R


Anticipated to grow by 10 percent in 2017, the Indian staffing industry finally takes the route of automation. The technology boom has genuinely helped to increase the screening efficiency by taking over manual tasks ranging from cross-checking factual data to flagging gaps or errors, and reviewing against predefined criteria. However, the general ‘black & white approach’ of algorithms still accounts for the necessity of human intervention. Comprehending this need-of-the-hour, Bangalore based CorpRAS LLP (Corporate Recruitment & Allied Services) is determined in improving the staffing efficiency with technology, while retaining certain fundamental concepts.

Served in Indian Army for 17years, Rajan R(Founder & Director)replicates the same integrity through CorpRAS and only makes promises that he can deliver, while his 13 years of staffing experience in manufacturing industry accounts for company offering end-to-end services (IT & non IT industries). It under takes the whole range of HR services starting from Recruitment(for all white collar jobs) to Training & Development,
Payroll & Data Management, and Statutory & Legal Entries.“We process & develop an individual from entry till the time he/she works or exits,” proclaims Rajan.

CorpRAS has made integrity(in work, execution and presenting what the guest desires)a part of its soul and is pretty sure about the role that has to be played

Automation Talks

With a cloud based process in place, CorpRAS sends the evaluation sheets (made in accordance with the job description) real-time, thus enabling the clients to completely follow the process and placement of each candidate for several demands at their convenient time through Desktop, Laptop or Mobile Apps. And the icing over cake is that the company guarantees perfect candidates to its clients within two days of posting the requirement, no matter which industry. On the other hand, it helps candidates login and view updates of the jobs they have applied for. “When you can recruit the right people, there’s hardly any issue as far as the retention period is concerned. That is why we support our clients get the candidates from best institutes,” proclaims Rajan.

Even with the evolution of technology, ultimately the customer’s requirements & challenges such as the best turn around time, getting the right
talent, retaining them, improving efficiency and managing talent have stayed on the same side, in spite of some distinct factors influencing the talent acquisition, like- velocity, accuracy & strategies. Being in an uncompromising mode on reliability, CorpRAS has made integrity (in work, execution and presenting what the guest desires) a part of its soul and is pretty sure about the role that has to be played. It ensures that every profile it forwards is completely verified, and meets the distinct needs of the client. Rajan believes that the media associations, professional relationships and peer networks significantly contribute to CorpRAS remaining abreast of the industry trends and recruitment scenario prevailing in the nation and overseas.

Confidence to Go Forward

Although received a handful of client right after the commencement of operations in 2016, CorpRAS also had norm initial hiccups to suffer. “Ultimately,every market challenge boils down to -‘do we have it in us to keep going and keep ourselves motivated?” Rajan says. Having a humble workforce with proven experience in identifying right talents, the answer was ‘Yes’! Today, while moving towards fulfilling the broader vision of evolving as top notch HR Services provider in the country by delivering quality resources and on boarding best practices, CorpRAS’s current focus predominantly points to permanent staffing and other value added HR services. “We are one of the fastest growing companies and will prove our capability in the days to come as we are not hear to throw fake promises, but rather serve in our domain,”concludes Rajan.