Confianza Finishing School: The Finishing School That Enhances Personality of Every Interested Individual

Sugandha Mittal,   FounderIn 1997, when Sugandha Mittal, founder of Confianza Finishing School attended a boot camp at a finishing school in New Delhi, it turned out to be a life changing experience for her. This boot camp not only increased her self-belief immensely, but also changed her for the better, thus, making her a strong believer in the ‘Law of Affirmation’ and ‘Law of Attraction’. While Sugandha got married in 2001 and settled in Chennai, her idea to start a finishing school remained sealed in heart. As time passed, Sugandha recognized the lack of a fine personality development school in India. With a vision to keep her with bridge this gap, Sugandha took numerous training sessions including teachers’ training programme from London Image Institute and various charm schools in India. Having trained herself, Sugandha got certified and that's the year in 2014 when she established Confianza Finishing School a certified etiquette consultancy, which brings you first hand etiquette training in all aspects of modern living, right from dining table etiquette, deportment(body language), personal grooming, travel etiquette, telephone etiquette, hospitality, party etiquette and more.

Serving Clients with Fantastic Training Modules
Confianza Finishing School believes that India is a country rich with traditional values, but at the same time, most Indians need to amalgamate modern values with the
prevailing traditional ones for building a better personality, confidence, and other skills like communication, time management, corporate conduct, and goal setting. “We have clients from all walks of life like a businessman, homemakers, teenagers, and kids. Initially, we ask our clients to meet us so that we conduct a need analysis and communication skill assessment to find out their challenges. Based on the reports of these assessments, we suggest the best training program for them,” says Sugandha Mital, Founder, Confianza Finishing School.

Confianza Finishing School has tailor made and personalized courses on various aspects of personality development and personal grooming. The finishing school guides clients to the experts according to their needs of a skin specialist, psychologist, nutritionist, and culinary experts. “Back in 2015, a 19 year old lady client dwelling from an SES economic status visited from Raipur, Chattisgarh. She faced challenges with English communication, appearance, and social skills but she aspired to start her own business and support her family, for which she started to take up the course with us for a month. On finishing the course and returning to her home town she started her own firm, a cyber café which today has many units and she is in regular touch with me. She has immense gratitude and appreciation for this life changing experience!” elucidates Sugandha.

Confianza Finishing School’s image management course helps clients build their confidence levels by enhancing their outer appearance and personal styling. Under this course, they offer modules like color analysis to help the clients understand the right colors to wear according to skin color, hair color and eye color, and body shape. “We don’t kind of intimidate them by saying ‘you should wear this’. Instead, we evaluate their lifestyle, consider their
age bracket, understand their budget and then make recommendations. So, basically to put it in a nutshell, it is a makeover session where we don’t do a drastic make over but we do give them a better lifestyle with their personal styling,”says Sugandha.

Confianza Finishing School has already trained and conducted seminars on personality development for 200 clients till date that includes corporate companies like Barclay’s Bank, Flextronics in Chennai, private law firms like Anand and Anand Company and lots of Rotary club presidents as well as ladies from social clubs. “We are planning to increase our presence by expanding our institute’s facility and the number of trainers to reach out to a larger population in the coming year,”concludes Sugandha. Being a strong person with trainer etiquettes and constant learning habits will definitely take Sugandha to the peaks of her career.