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Roshni Javiad, CEO,Francesco Annunziata President

Roshni Javiad, CEO

Francesco Annunziata President

Communicating is more than just speaking English. The choice of words and intonation one makes a vast difference to the climate of a conversation - believes team Change Institutes. Change Institutes, the brainchild of Roshni Javiad, is a training centre par excellence to help the professionals and students of today develop their language and Personality/soft skills to better adapt them to the requirements of the rigorous corporate work environment.

The journey of Change Institutes dates back to a time when Roshni was working as a consultant for many business schools. It was during this period, when she witnessed many professionals and students’ losing opportunities due to their lack in communication skills and an impressive personality. Apparently, the institutes that catered to their field then and many even now focus on ‘The Textual Approach’. This awareness together with the desire to be an entrepreneur to bring in a change in the approach to Personality development and ELT (English Language Teaching) urged her to incept Change Institutes.

Developing Language and Soft Skills
With highly focused, well designed and oriented courses at four levels from fundamentals to soft skills, Change Institutes brings the change in language through functional grammar and conceptual vocabulary that transforms an average speaker to an excellent communicator.The company offers courses in Personality development, Soft skills, Business English, Performance management, Communicative English for various levels of learners from beginners to advanced levels etc. Additionally, they organize workshops in schools for teachers on ELT. “Soft skills have persuaded us to move into the vertical of Early Child Care Education. It is the second year of our Diploma course in NTT (Nursery Teacher Training). We have few big names associated with us that includes Oracle, Titan, Northern trust, Shimzu Constructions (Japanese Company), ICD Security solutions, Yodlee, Timken IT private ltd, Travtech , Bricks and walls, Beyonce constructions and others,” Roshni mentions enthusiastically.

Throughout the years, Change Institutes has involved itself into research on the courses it offers and comprehends the gaps or the requirements of every individual client

Comprehending the importance of Training and Development for several industry verticals, team Change Institutes segregates their training process into three steps –
where they groom freshers with a course on campus to corporate to enable him/her to attend interviews select the right jobs. At the next level, they provide a course Business English for a Team leader or a manager to manage presentation skills, manage millennials, Teams, business meetings, and finally at a senior level, they provide customised packages for senior hierarchy dealing with International clientele on cross culture communication, accent, and manage conference calls.

Believe in ‘Change’

Throughout the years, Change Institutes has involved itself into research on the courses it offers and comprehends the gaps or the requirements of every individual client. “Our courses offer clear TNA (Training Need Analysis mid assessments, post assessments, training reports for all the courses. A clear feedback on the performance of each client is provided with no false elation or mutual appreciation, this enables them to achieve their targets in a shorter period,” she says.

With the transformation of Change Institutes to Change Institutes International Pvt. Ltd., the company has recorded a wonderful progress since inception. “I have found the best Business partner Francesco Annunziata from Italy and both of us intend to increase the number of courses that Change Institutes offers. Our next focus would be to introduce courses on travel and tourism/cabin crew, Technical courses and a very interesting program for Native Trainers of English; an internship of Teaching in India’,” she concludes.