Ceipal: Enabling Quality Hiring for Productive Business Workflow

Sameer Penakalapati ,  FounderBefore the age of internet proliferation,jobseekers were connected through phone calls or letters. Conventional recruitment and hiring processes had certain drawbacks that made them look into new ways of eliminating cumber some HR functions using technology. Hence, the demand for innovative and foolproof HR technology saw its dawn in the market. In the crucial market for HR technologies, Ceipal ventures its service to staffing or recruitment agencies in bringing shape and substance for businesses. The company has won third place in the Global Staffing Software space, beating several legacy software providers and pioneering the industry in innovative technologies.

Introducing Innovation Each Day
Today, HR service providers are positioned in a competitive landscape for providing strategic insights to key decision makers and enable enterprise wide digital transformation effort that forecasts the workforce demand and employee management functions. While providing HR services for staffing firms, Ceipal has become an affordable one stop shop solution of HR practices. The development team of the company has been working constantly on adding new features and functionalities for newer product releases every month. The software architecture of Ceipal is built on modern, agile and nimble technology which ensures
impeccable performance. Being one of the first HCM platforms to secure a SOC2 Type II certification, Ceipal strives to serve the best of the abilities. Ceipal has integrated Artificial Intelligence into the software, which empowers companies in automating their entire process of sourcing and selection via a single click. "Ceipal has always been at the fore front of innovation since its inception. When each time there is a new release, it won't be a software update, but a complete software redesign. With a team of 120+ software developers, we implement an approx. 30+ features in a month per release. That is one feature a day", explains Sameer Penakalapati, Founder, Ceipal. The company also provides a 'success/account manager' along with the services. The success manager will lead a team to understand the business process, workflow and goals, thus helping the clients in leveraging the platform to its fullest to meet specific objectives. Ceipal's end-to-end platform delivers every role from business development and recruiters to HR in a staffing/recruitment company.

Being one of the first HCM platforms to secure a SOC2 Type II certification, Ceipal strives to serve the best of the abilities

Companies at time fail to attract talented candidates due to little knowledge in the recruitment and hiring processes. Ceipal, with its innovative solutions, aims to solve the issues faced by companies in retaining millennial in the workforce for a longer period. It also helps in using data effectively and balancing the speed of hire with quality of hire. Other attributes also include enhancing the efficiency during the recruitment process, and provide superlative candidate experience. As of today, employee demographics, diversity, profiles and preferences are drastically different, which is reflected in the new age workplace culture. Ceipal's WorkForce is a tool that provides employee feedback, conduct surveys and also functions as an internal social media. It keeps employee engagement levels and productivity at peak, and infuses fun and excitement in an otherwise routine job. The company's Employee SelfService is a constant free flow of information and engagement software that replies to questions and helps submit transactions without elaborate administrative processes or multiple human interactions. Ceipal has hired an efficient team from best institutes like IITs, IIMs and Harvard. Since inception, Ceipal has exhibited more than 1000 percentage year on year growth in revenue and client size. The company, having 3 offices already, is about to open the latest office in Chennai, with the acquisition of a legacy software platform that has been around in the market for 20 years.