BodhiSutra: Mapping Individuals to the Road of Professional Communication in English

Prashant Yadav, Founder & CEO

Prashant Yadav

Founder & CEO

Being the second most spoken language in the world, English is considered as the most important trait of how a leader communicates with others and how a leader influences others with his/her personality. However, most of the times, potential leaders with high ambition and personality do not grow as English fluency becomes a major pain point in their communication. Solely for this reason, every corporate employee must be entitled with a chance to learn effective English to communicate vehemently and express views that matters. Corporate offices are giving the ingenious task to train its employees to reputed English learning centers like BodhiSutra.

Started in the year 2012, Bodhisutra has designed its generic English spoken programme by focusing more on social communication. They provide specialized corporate training that are customized to the organizations demand. Offering its flagship English speaking programme also to college students, Bodhisutra has a very strong placement preparation programme, which are individualized and covers aspects like interview preparation. “We have a depth crept module, which train students for exams like IELTS. The overall structure for corporate and colleges are same, as the primary training delivery methodology is still phone based one on one training,” says Prashant Yadav, Founder CEO. Till date, Bodhisutra has served some of the top-notch companies like Bajaj
Finserv, Airtel, TVS Motors and tier-1 institution IIM Udaipur.

Staying an Inch Higher to Train Individuals
The entire program idea revolves around the communication progress of a student and making them speak 80 percent of the time. “The airtime has to be 80 percent for the students that continuously keeps us on our toes, because if the exercises are not engaging the student would not really be able to speak much, so that essentially adds as an immediate feedback mechanism,” says Prashant. If some exercises become non-communicable for any student, then those exercises are always upgraded and changed. It is one of the inbuilt mechanisms to ensure that the premium content is engaging.

With an aim to increase its teaching perimeter on mobile based application and webbased technology teaching, Bodhisutra presently is working on developing complete automation for backend process to ensure ease of access to the students and the trainers in terms of learning content and progress record. This is something that will come up in the next couple of months, and it is a major technology intervention that Bodhisutra will be doing.

Being a trainer is a difficult yet flamboyant task, and all the trainers at Bodhisutra are corporate communication trainers with advanced degrees. Most of them have completed masters or MBAs, and have considerable corporate experience and training certifications. The trainer pool is same for both the segment; corporate as well as individual student, who is not company sponsored, and just enrolled in our website for training. Bodhisutra has a very strict trainer management policy as the trainers that do not perform, get edged out of the system. The student feedback mechanism continuously keeps a track on how the trainers are performing in terms of engaging students and contributing on their skill upgrade. All of this essentially enables Bodhisutra to boast the pool of English communication across India.

Slowly, Bodhisutra is incorporating writing into its products, and are adding many more flavors to it. Since there are many technological interventions to be adopted by Bodhisutra, it will allow the English learning center to cover several other areas like experimenting with multiple types of learning content such as reading material, audio lessons, interactive videos, and speech bytes.

Located at the capital of India, NewDelhi, Bodhisutra has already trained nearly 3000 students. “Our mission is to become the biggest English training company in India and introduce killer products in the space for more efficiency to actually gear up and step up for the nextlevel of scale in English communication,” concludes Prashant.