Banu Balu: Pioneering Exceptional HR Practices in the Industry

Banu Balu,VP HR & Operations

Banu Balu

VP HR & Operations

Given the situation across the world, there is a whole new way of working that lies in front of us and the focus of the HR function will have to quickly transform from operations to business enablers. Being an HR expert Banu Balu, the Vice President HR and Operations at MSys Technologies foresees an opportunity is to cash in on WFH delivery model that can attract and enable best minds in any part of the world. The virtual hiring model would help her to connect to a wider range of people to choose from various source mix.

Banu Balu has more than 22 years of great professional experience in working at companies like Larsen and Tou-bro Infotech, Avigna Technologies, and currently, she is serving her duties at MSys Tech India, under the leadership of Sanjay Sehgal, Chairman and CEO of MSys Group.

Banu has to wear several hats as VP HR and lead her team by walking the talk. Elucidating about her various roles Banu Balu says, "As a Visionary, I define the short- term and long-term plans keeping in mind the business objective and growth plans. As a Decision Maker, I evaluate the pros and cons of the given situation or proposal and take inputs from various stakeholders and accordingly take judicious decisions which are in the best interest of the organization and its people. As a Manager, I am also required to roll up my sleeves and manage the day to day
operations which I can handle seamlessly due to my trusted team, and each one is encouraged to develop their skills and take-up challenging responsibilities."

Industry Leader
Banu Balu has built different strategies and implemented to address the respective challenges faced by the companies and their customers. Some of Banu's major achievements includes her having developed and implemented a holistic HR plan to meet the IT industry's short and long-term market challenges. She also introduced Strategic Business Models for HR Shared Services that have rebranded and re-positioned HR operating processes. Establishing Business Continuity Strategies to ensure effective and uninterrupted business functioning in the event of a crisis, playing an integral role as Integration Leader in major Mergers and Acquisitions and devising various plan for employee retention, and career Progression; all these have become a significant milestone in Banu's journey.

In present circumstances, Banu has been Instrumental in implementing several employee engagements and employee well-being initiatives at MSys Technologies

Business Transformation
In the present circumstances, Banu has been Instrumental in implementing several employee engagements and employee well-being initiatives at MSys Technologies. Policies have been implemented to ensure business continuity and protect customer confidentiality in the WFH scenario. Employees have been motivated to WFH with uninterrupted client services through the digitalization of HR processes. The necessary infrastructure was provided seamlessly to work remotely. Also, the employee engagement with reward and recognition programs introduced have been the key drivers to motivate and encourage employees and bring a sense of belongingness despite the external challenges.

Though HR is one function, the key objective pursued by Banu is to differentiate and set up specialized focus groups so that they could deliver key results to meet the business objective and align the employees to the organization.

"At MSys we always believe that our employees are the strength of the organization and therefore, my objective was to bring about employee-friendly policies that cater to the fun element and wellness under the `WE CARE' initiative", concludes Banu.