Appexigo Technologies: Assuring Security through Technology-backed Employee Background Verification Expertise

Gangesh Jha,Founder & M D

Gangesh Jha, Founder & Managing Director

Organizations growing at a break neck speed often fail to invest in background verification of their employees, leading to internal financial losses, adverse impact on the office culture, high attrition rate and pith-drop of productivity. As an example, the Indian market has seen a rise in resume lies from 15-45 percent in a span of two years. Clearly, background verification is no more a luxury, but a necessity, and fulfilling this necessity is Noida-based Appexigo Technologies.

Boasting of a cumulative experience in varied facets of background verification, the company specializes in helping organizations efficiently implement, manage and control employment background screening, customer screening, partner due diligence, insurance investigation and many others through a combination of technology, domain and process expertise. “Our results focus on real improvement in business performance for our clients in more than 100 countries and across a broad spectrum of business, including Fortune 500 companies,” states Gangesh Jha, Founder & Managing Director, Appexigo Technologies.

Technical Infusion
DSCI member apart from other established industry bodies, Appexigo’s primary aim is to improve business productivity of the clients and optimizing it by streamlined operation backed by technology, data security and global capability. Its automated platform cuts-down on the time taken for verification, where different credentials of a candidate are authenticated in-parallel by different teams and mapped on the platform to compile the results and generate the report at the end. This avoids manual errors & scope for data manipulation as the data doesn’t vest with one person, and improves the turnaround time(delivering results in 7-10 days).

"Our results focus on real improvement in business performance for our clients in more than 100 countries and across a broad spectrum of business, including Fortune 500 companies"

Appexigo leverages this platform to smoothly execute verification, due diligence and other services. Services like insurance investigation prohibit the intrusion of fraudulent insurance claims. The process undertakes an array of investigation tactics to reduce misdeeds and helps gather forensic evidence by locating the witness, dig deep into suspicious activities, and carry-out discreet surveillance, complete with a detailed report. Its customer support ensures a step-by-step guidance during such niche operations.

Similarly, Appexigo’s detailed background verification service acts as extended arm of an organization’s recruiting team where the team’s deep set expertise in verification and cyber security, amongst others, extracts candidate details via Aadhaar
authentication, PAN verification, and other documentations. Gangesh adds, “The digitization of public records (under the Digital India program) along with court records, police records & educational records has facilitated a great deal in fastening the verification process”. For organizations located on international soil, the company’s global presence helps authentication as per international regulations.

However, digitization requires technical reinforcement, and Appexigo takes that into consideration via its API platform and cloud-based verification portal. Using these, the team developed data intelligence cutting-edge platforms that combine deep search algorithms, AI and machine learning to dig & aggregate data scattered over various databases to deliver reliable, efficient and fastest results. Further sweetening the deal, Appexigo’s deployment of enhanced firewall & access control technology enables better storage, processing and management of data and allows implication of high security and privacy policies. It helps this ISO 9001:2001 and 270001:2013 certified company to adhere to ISO standards of Quality and Information.

Appexigo today has tied-up with law enforcement agencies to provide fast service and to perform a 360-degree check in terms of criminal records and undertakes proven methodologies to amp organizational productivity and competitive advantage. After a cumulative revenue of Rs.3.5 crore, the company is now looking at a five-year plan of Rs.20 crore. “Trust every data, but verify as well. Appexigo solution helps companies trust by automating the process of background verification,” signs off Gangesh.