Antharicshaa Learning Solutions: A Learning Partner for Organizations, Academia & Individuals Who Rises Beyond Boundaries

PP Ramanujan, Founder & Principal Consultant,S Pradeepa, Co-Founder

PP Ramanujan, Founder & Principal Consultant

In the past few years, globally competitive market and a volatile business environment enforce employees to possess soft skills in addition to technical skills to understand project objectives along with the aptitude and ability to accomplish them with the existing resources. Employers in most of the cases expect their employees to exhibit multitude skills such as interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, design thinking, leadership skills and many more. Chennai headquartered Antharicshaa Learning Solutions plays a crucial role in enhancing performance of employees through its customized Outbound Training programmes.

A visionary learning organization, Antharicshaa handcrafts wholesome and business-specific learning solutions that are woven around the business goals, competency matrices, organization culture and values of the clients. Antharicshaa has impacted more than forty companies (from startups to renowned companies like TVS Tyres, Murugappa Group, Casagrand Builders, Secure Network Solutions, Nova Techset
and 3Edge Solutions, along with a long list of academia) at multiple
occasions within a short span of four years since its inception, making repeat business as its major strength.
Customized Outbound Learning
Antharicshaa designs its contents based on deep psychological concepts provided by its core team. Unlike many competitors who deliver a sheer fun vacation or short-lived celebrity pep-up, the company carefully handcrafts learning programs which are specifically designed to address business' needs of each client. These programs are delivered by trained facilitators, adventurists, behavioral specialists and coaches.

"Antharicshaa handcrafts wholesome and business-specific learning solutions that are woven around the business goals, competency matrices, organization culture and values of the clients"

Antharicshaa helps its clients in instilling among their employees business critical behavioral competencies such as goal focus, situational leadership, self-leadership, design thinking, team bonding, resilience development, and shedding fear to think big, to name a few. One of the patronages opines, “Antharicshaa’s Training Interventions are extremely focused towards the specific requirements and needs put-forth by the respective Functional Heads and the desired outcomes are met wherein the trainers connect various ‘real-life’ situations to the learning”. For such pragmatic approach, Antharicshaa does not believe in productizing a platter of programmes to choose off-the-shelf, rather it provides some of its own customized and innovative assignments. Their program on corporate values encapsulated with management lessons from Ramayana, Mahabharata and scriptures is a testimony for their innovation. “After all, every assignment is a new challenge
demanding a unique value proposition that’s hard to forget, and that’s the fodder for our intellect!,” quips PP Ramanujan, Founder & Principal Consultant, Antharicshaa Learning Solutions.

S Pradeepa, Co-Founder

Upholding Technology
Antharicshaa’s content design framework is ingrained with scientific principles of Andragogy. The delivery methodology is aligned to the globally appreciated VAK (Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic) learning styles framework and Kolb’s learning cycle. Antharicshaa follows globally appreciated Kirck’s Patricks Model for learning effectiveness assessment. Its certified experts undertake psychometric assessments Thomas Profiling, MBTI, and advanced concepts like EI, NLP and many others. With such strong capabilities and accomplishments in OBT, it surely does become an understatement that Antharicshaa has been recognized with the Best emerging Entrepreneurship Award for 2018. Not limiting itself to such recognitions, Antharicshaa is relentlessly working on creating a business requirement to transit processes such as training need elucidation, assessment, client management and feedback processes to a cloud-based platform powered by AI and behavioural competencies framework to add immense value to clients.