Amar's Pensieve: Trainer Friendly Open Expanses for Activity Based Learning & Training

Amar Chegu, Founder

Amar Chegu, Founder

Experience-based training and development is a learner-centred approach to human resource development and organizational change. A facilitator using training methodologies create situations which invite participants to discover their own answers to challenging business issues. Experiential learning combines immersive activities that mimic real-world challenges with a targeted debrief that connects the lessons learned with the reality of the workplace. Because they have personally experienced the results that come with applying their newly acquired experiences, they are more inclined to do things differently next time as new competencies get developed. As such, Moinabad-based Amar’s Pensieve is a dedicated training facility available for experiential learning and development activities, training, and business coaching.

Amar’s Pensieve has been conceived as an activity based, outcome emphatic and trainer friendly Training Camp - a dedicated ecosystem for trainers and trainees to engage in results-driven ‘learning development training coaching evolution’ activities and interventions, for competency development and organizational transformation. It proffers Placement Readiness
programs for Engineering and MBA colleges, Campus - Industry transition programs to recent hires of organizations, Team Building, Managerial Effectiveness, Leadership Evolution, Organization Renewal, and programs on Self-Empowerment amongst others.

"Amar’s Pensieve places its expertise in strategic evolution of thoughts and actions through the facilitation of indoor, open-air and out-door activity in individuals and groups"

Nurturing Thoughts & Actions
Amar’s Pensieve places its expertise in strategic evolution of thoughts and actions through facilitation of indoor, open-air and outdoor activity in individuals and groups. Named after the ‘Pensieve’– a magical vessel, referred in the famous ‘Harry Potter’ books, where thoughts can be placed for looking at them dispassionately & taking decisions, the vast expanse provided by the company offers clean air and a much-needed openness that lends a sense of freedom. The open-air and outdoor spaces are amenable to learning and moulding to a trainer’s preferred requirements. “Also, being close to nature enables them to ground themselves in the present and being open to their own thoughts and feelings as well as those of others,” says Amar Chegu, Founder, Amar’s Pensieve. This entails the company’s training centre to proffer experiential education and organization development, which are crucial for the development of individuals and organizations, respectively. Thanks to its pragmatic approach, individuals enthusiastically apply their new knowledge to their real world back on the job & life.
To nurture strategically and to conform to trainers' preferences, Amar’s Pensieve induces technology in its Activity Based Learning that includes drone - related photography, cinematography & drone pilot training. Well - networked through various Professional Associations such as ISTD, NHRD, HMA, EFSI amongst others, the company offers various learning opportunities to chisel its WAFA trained trainers.

Reaching Out to Clients
Amar’s Pensieve connects clients with appropriate trainers based on 'defined outcomes'(creating awareness, increasing understanding, application-practice, competency development, & performance enhancement), 'desired discipline' (management, leadership, team-building, organization development, & strategy building), and ‘nature of training’(100 percent recreational, 75 percent Educational with varied percentage of discussions). The trainers get their client-organization to use Pensieve’s facility and its equipment, for day and overnight programs (tent based stay with the idea of being connected to mother earth) which lies within the bracket of professional fees from Rs.15000-100,000 per day, whereas, for day-use of the facility, the charges are around Rs.1,200 per person and for tent-based night stay its Rs.1,500 per person. Amar's Pensieve thus provides an array of customized programs to client-organizations as well as helps clients identify the most suitable trainers from other companies as well. The clientele includes the likes of Cap Gemini, Invesco, Wells Fargo, Sarvotham Care, and Polmon to name a few.