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Grant Herbert,FounderFrom adopting the fanciest technology, to setting up shop in the hippest location, to partnering with the most impressive industry leaders businesses can go about investing in numerous checkpoints to climb the ladder of success. However, not all that glitters is gold. Perhaps the most important investment any business can and should make is the one with the least amount of curb appeal: their people.

In today’s market place performance coaching, is a much better strategy than performance management or performance review.

This implies leading and nurturing people, rather than managing or reviewing processes. The results are profound and far more constructive than when managing people like we do a process. People are emotional beings, not machines. If one could understand and tap into the underlying potential and build on their character traits, the very same people can help the organization achieve wonders. Therefore, your people need to be coached, and not managed. Businesses need to be able to bring out the best of the individual quality of an employee. Every organization conducts a performance review in the form of ticking check boxes and mapping against a set of pre-defined criteria. This approach has a two fold disadvantage; simply put, no one likes being reviewed and that the reviewing only happens once a year. On the contrary, coaching is an ongoing process that delivers a two fold advantage; it provides an environment of support so that people can make the changes required and ensures accountability, i.e. the commitments are met. A pioneer in this domain, Grant Herbert established People Builders in the year 2008, to provide coaching and training solutions to thousands of individuals across many client organizations. People Builders has been a leading supplier of training and coaching solutions throughout Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and the Middle East. As for the India region, Grant has established offices at Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

About The Founder
Leveraging his own experiences from a perfectly imperfect journey in his defence and corporate careers, Grant has empowered thousands of people to escape the chains of the performance trap, and learn from their experiences and enjoy success in being whoever they are called to be in every area of their life. His workshops and coaching programs help to develop personal, professional and leadership skills that are not taught at the university. Grant is a Master Trainer in the Neuroscience of Leadership with the About my Brain Institute, Applied Neuroscience for People Development with MyBrain International, Social and Emotional Intelligence with The Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence and Behavioural Profiling with Extended DISC International. With over 35 years as a leadership trainer and coach, Grant has learned that the key to developing others is to first help them replace the mindsets and behaviours that are currently sabotaging their results. Once that platform is built ,they actually implement what he teaches them ensuring you a high return on your investment.

Over The Years, People Builders Has Grown Steadily And Now Has Many Carefully Selected Professionals To Ensure The Provision Of The ‘Best Fit’ Coach Or Trainer In Every Situation

Signature Programs Transforming Prime Character Traits
People Builders believe that when it come s to developing people, one size does not fit all, especially with regards to training and coaching programs. Based on this belief, People Builders has developed six signature program areas that have been tried and tested across the globe, to produce exceptional results. These programs are designed to achieve exceptional results in the areas of Behaviour, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Leadership, Training and Presenting, and Coaching. Each program contains modules that can be mixed and matched to suit individual needs. Programs are specifically designed for training and coaching in a VUCA world. Moreover, People Builders regularly edit content to keep up with the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology.

The organization provides training and coaching solutions for leadership development, workplace behavior change, social and emotional intelligence, effective communication, executive and leadership coaching, train the trainer and more. One can also avail international certification courses for consultants and in-house human resources and learning and development teams.

More so, organizations really need to be involved in the training and coaching and this requires empowering people within the organization. This means, the organization shouldn’t just have external organizations coming in to train and coach. People Builders partners with their client organization in order to provide training and coaching to the organization, while working with the internal HR team to empower them to facilitate effective coaching with their people as well. This is also in the interest of enabling leaders to use a coaching/ mentoring methodology rather than an outdated performance management methodology. The partnership with the internal HR team also results in the change they seek. The internal Human Resources and Learning and Development professionals are trained and certified in disciplines such as training and coaching in Social + Emotional Intelligence, behavioural profiling, presentation skills, communication and conflict management.

Picking Only The 'Right Fit'
When Grant laid the foundation to People Builders, 11 years ago, he had emerged out of the corporate sector and worked around many small to medium and large corporate organizations around Australia. With humble success in the beginning, Grant started receiving positive response towards his training programs, which led to more opportunities and eventually enabled Grant to expand the venture overseas. To do this in balance and allow the People Builders’ message to reach more people, he started to grow a team. Since day 1, Grant has set criterion for the professionals who wish to join People Builders. What he first looks for in his trainers and coaches were like minded values like valuing People, Generosity, Authenticity, Solidarity, Creativity, and Influence. “I make sure that the trainer or coach is the right fit for People Builders, and the right fit for the client”, adds Grant. Over the years, People Builders has grown
steadily and now has many carefully selected professionals to ensure the provision of the ‘best fit’ coach or trainer in every situation. All of its associates are highly trained in human behaviour, emotional intelligence and leadership development, and have significant business and leadership experience as well as being experienced, accredited coaches and trainers. People Builders also trains every coach to use a suite of Neuro leadership, Behavioural Profiling and Social + Emotional Intelligence Assessment tools.

4 'E'S of Transformation
When designing a solution for a client, People Builders performs a close analysis of the business’ expectations from its key people as to what it looks would like in few years down the line. Following this, they help the company compare the organizations current reality to its desired results and identify the roadblocks that are in place preventing the business to reach them. Roadblocks usually show up as current beliefs, mindsets, attitudes, behaviors and skills. Based on the research done in collaboration with the organization, People Builders facilitates programs that can solve specific problems for the organization. Collecting their experiences from the various areas and disciplines that People Builders has worked in, the company uses the methodologies and modules and goes through a 4-part process that Grant calls the 'e-Change' method. This process is based on 4 e’s - Evaluate, Engage, Educate and Empower.

Using quantitative and qualitative methods, the current level of competence is evaluated in the particular skill areas. Following this, the People Builders team engages the individuals and the teams in understanding and owning what needs to change, while setting goals that the organization can internally monitor in conjunction with People Builders. The third step involves educating the individuals and teams with the skills and competencies that need to be grown in order for the company to achieve the results they want. These could be in the areas of emotional intelligence, soft skills, culture, leadership, communication, and conflict management. The final measure is to empower and introduce account ability, thereby making sure that every individual is on track and is doing what they have committed to do.

One True Goal
At People Builders, the team envisions a world where all people have the opportunity to live authentically and bring out their personal best. “We are making sure that we grow organically as the need arises, as well as continually evolving to remain relevant”, says Grant. One of the challenges in the training, coaching and workplace development domain right now is that some methodologies that were used in the industrial and information ages are still being used in leadership development. People Builders has taken the less travelled road to continue upskilling in psychology and neuroscience to ensure they keep using the most upto date information. “Today’s Leader, working in a volatile, complex and ambiguous world, needs to have a different skillset from the leader of the 20th century”, adds Grant. Thus, having delivered and touched such crucial aspects of corporate health, People Builders is further working towards implementing the latest research, benchmarks and development materials, to help organizations to not just get better at what they do but have a high level of engagement and productivity whilst maintaining a low level of conflict and stress.

Great Things In Business Are Never Done By One Person. They’re Done By A Team Of People.
–Steve Jobs