AlfAccurate Advisors: Protecting Client Capital & Generating Wealth by Navigating Uncharted Waters of the Stock Market

Rajesh Kothari, FounderMumbai based AlfAccurate Advisors belongs to the bracket of one of the few players in the Indian capital investment & portfolio management segment that has completed over 12 years of existence. The company exclusively focuses on investment management. The team at AlfAccurate strategically operates at the highest levels of corporate governance transparently, along with the necessary time and resources to focus on what's really important in depth research and agility in tracking client's investments.

AlfAccurate Advisors was founded by Rajesh Kothari, a stalwart in the investment management domain having a rich reserve of 25+ years of experience of consistently outperforming the benchmark and winning several accolades along the way. With him at the helm, the company comprises a team of portfolio management veterans who bring in a combined experience of 75+ years to the table. Together, the team of experts at AlfAccurate create investment strategies that balance risk and return, provide insulation from volatility to deliver superior performance to its valued investors.

Clientsonboarded at AlfAccurate enjoy unprecedented direct access to its team of highly experienced fund managers while also benefiting from the formidable partner ecosystem the company has built over the
years. Seamless client onboarding, express turn-around-times to queries, timely portfolio performance updates are just a few of the hallmarks that define AlfAccurate Advisors. The experienced and capable team are masters at generating superior risk adjusted returns. As investors with a long-term orientation, AlfAccurate strives to identify and invest in well governed companies having solid fundamentals that are prepared to navigate any market volatility. "We invest in companies that have proven management with superior earnings growth, driven by sustainable competitive advantage," reveals Rajesh Kothari during a recent interaction.

As investors with a long-term orientation, AlfAccurate strives to identify and invest in well-governed companies having solid fundamentals that are prepared to navigate any market volatility

Disciplined Exit Strategy that Guarantees Healthy Returns
A central tenet of investment culture is a belief that a disciplined set of processes practiced by a seasoned team generates superior risk adjusted returns. The strategy involves quick response to change, capital protection from market shocks and ultimately generate wealth over the long term. AlfAccurate Advisors uses a disciplined, fundamental, research-driven approach to identify well managed, shareholder-friendly companies with sound business models with a strong likelihood of profitability and positive shareholder returns.

At present, the company caters to over 500 families, which includes large family offices, CEO, UHNIs, amongst many others. Furthermore, through the company's newsletter AAA Insights, clients get an opportunity to clear myths and misconceptions that surround investment opportunities and help them achieve greater clarity on the investment landscapes and decisions.

Recently, AlfAccurate Advisors also started a AAA Webinar Series whereby Founders of portfolio companies are invited to share their valuable inputs on the sector and the company. This has facilitated direct interaction between the investors and the companies.

It is the unique combination of a well-disciplined exit strategy, well-guided investments on reliable & sustainable businesses combined with sound advisory given by the highly experienced team of investment out performers that makes AlfAccurate Advisors the ideal partners for investors to grow their wealth & prosper in the long run.