Accrete Executive Search: A Distinctive Executive Search Firm Promoting Client, Candidate & Consultant To Bond And Grow Together

Jayaprakash GC ,Founder & Director

Jayaprakash GC

Founder & Director

An executive career is often likened to a ladder. While there is certain logic to this, the reality is that it is a flawed analogy. The executive career ladder, however, is triangular, with steps appearing less frequently as the candidate gets closer to the top. The veracity is a successful executive career is non-linear and not a happenstance. To maximize the career potential an executive requires many things, amongst them an understanding of the workings of executive search companies, the actual search process and what to expect when a search consultant calls.

Established in November 2020, Accrete Executive Search is a boutique retained executive search firm specializing in CXO / Leadership/Niche/Mission-Critical/ Gender Diversity roles across functions and levels spanning Technology, Industrial, Consumer, BFSI and Pharma & Life Science segments. The firm is founded by senior leaders from a leading multinational HR conglomerate with a combined experience of over 5 decades in appointing leaders across segments.

Accrete's "4C PRINCIPLE" positions Client, Candidate and Consultant on the same platform, providing utmost Confidentiality to the whole process.

Incorporating Transparency, Inclusiveness, Equal Opportunity Employment and Open office in its work culture, Accrete Executive Search ensures optimum growth of its employees. Accrete is led by its Founder Directors GC Jayaprakash and Sreehari R Rao along with Arsheya Dutta. Jayaprakash and Sreehari lead leadership hiring across sectors and a range of functions including Managing Director, General Management, Engineering, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Operations. Principal Consultant Arsheya Dutta is very strong in relationship building and key account management and brings with her over two decades of experience in executive search & selection.

Accrete fosters Client, Candidate & Consultant to bond and grow together in order to achieve organizational success through its innovative human resource and executive search services consisting of Retained Executive Search, Gender Diversity Search and Market Intelligence Service.

"As every segment is unique in its operation, the need of executive talent and other nuances, knowing the pulse of our clients' business, forms the core of our approach. Profound knowledge of the domain is essential in identifying the right fit for the role. Based on our experience in various
industries and our in-depth understanding of the specific domains, we cater to different segments collectively. We are committed to forging long-term relationships that create synergies of goal, knowledge, and adaptability for both - our Clients and Accrete. We share our insights with our Clients' HR and Hiring Leaders to solve their specific problems. With a deep understanding of our Clients' culture and context of hiring, we always ensure that the CHRO, CEO and ACCRETE are on the same page." states GC Jayaprakash, Founder Director, Accrete Executive Search.

Equipped with consultants having a combined industry experience of more than 8 decades ­ specifically 5 decades in the executive search domain, the Client and Candidate relationships and networks of Accrete built over this combined period are exhaustive and enduring. While this network is a source of a top-notch talent pool, it is also an excellent source for verifying the credentials of relevant candidates which is always crucial in hiring the right leaders.

GC Jayaprakash, Founder Director

"We implement the 80:20 rule and spend quality time upfront with clients. We believe in 80% efforts on sharpening the axe and 20% in actual felling of the tree. The process starts by assessing value proposition, business plans, culture, performance metrics and other facets of the role. Ambitious organizations need transformational leaders, and today there are multi-dimensional challenges in hiring CXOs. This is a complex process that originates much before the hiring plan germinates and endures long after getting the `Right Fit' on board. Accrete Executive Search is the LINK connecting the two worlds ­Organisations with the Right Talent to bond and grow together," concludes Sreehari R Rao, Founder Director, Accrete Executive Search.

Accrete Executive Search Is The Link Connecting The Two Worlds ­ Organisations With The Right Talent To Bond And Grow Together

Custodians Of Trust
Trust is the CORE of Accrete. We are committed equally to both Clients & Candidates, shrouding the business with utmost confidentiality.

Hence emanates our 4C Principle:
• Client
• Consultant
• Candidate
• Confidentiality

ACCRETE is a boutique retained executive search firm specialising in leadership hiring / niche / mission critical and Gender Diversity roles across industry and functions.

ACCRETE means to bond and grow together. When Client, Candidate, Consultant Bond and Grow together achieving organisational success, we have achieved our objective.

Ambitious organisations need transformational leaders. Today there are multi-dimensional challenges in hiring the right leaders. This is a complex process which originates much before the hiring plan sprouts or evolves and endures long after getting the "Right Fit" on board. Accrete Executive Search is the LINK connecting the two worlds Organisations with the Right Talent to Bond and Grow together.