Accentiv' India: Fostering Great Relationships with Loyalty Programs

Ashok Manachanallur, Director & COO

Ashok Manachanallur

Director & COO

There is no doubt about the fact that the human asset is the key tangible asset for any organization, and employees who are happy, motivated and highly satisfied are more loyal and more productive. Recognizing their worth and rewarding employees for their productivity plays a crucial role in today’s competitive business world. It’s also one of the most significant factors that influence an organization’s revenue and profitability. Here is where employee rewards & recognition programs come into the limelight. The concept of employee rewards & recognition is more than just about offering some rewards to the employees it’s a strategy to foster a healthy and productive work environment and improve retention, thereby ensuring that the organization is working at its very best. As such, Mumbai-based Accentiv’ India focuses on enhancing a company’s performance, while maintaining employee engagement and corporate values through the means of custom made employee relationship programs.

An Experienced Brand
Operating in India since 1996, Accentiv’ is the Rewards & Loyalty services brand under Edenred, a French company and world leader in employee benefits, payment solutions and the everyday companion for the people at work. The firm has dedicated itself to helping businesses unlock their full potential and drive incremental profits by offering end-to-end solutions from loyalty program development & implementation to redemption management & rewards fulfilment, thereby building loyalty across various stakeholders. “Our programs are targeted towards building and enhancing the
relationship of organizations with their customers, channel partners and most importantly, with their employees. Hence, we strive hard to offer the best-in-class platforms and software solutions to our clients,” avers Manish Chanana, Business Head-Customer Engagement, Loyalty & Rewards Solutions, Accentiv’ India. Accentiv’s forte is its employee rewards & recognition programs, under which it offers employee loyalty programs, rewards & recognition solutions, referral programs, sales incentives, performance rewards, and service awards.

Our programs are targeted towards building and enhancing the relationship of organizations with their customers, channel partners and most importantly, with their employees

Not just that, but the firm understands that it is easier and more productive to manage a structured employee recognition program than an informal and loosely implemented annual routine, hence it endeavours to manage all the programs for the client through its cost effective employee relationship management(ERM) platform - employEase. employEase is a cloud based platform that gives an extra edge to the organizations by saving their time, effort and money in implementing and managing the employee loyalty initiatives. Over the years, the platform has evolved into a powerful, online employee rewards & recognition tool for medium to large companies with 1000+ employees across multiple locations. It is cost effective, easy to configure, easy to use tool and provides a self-administration feature to manage the program from one central location.

Differential Factor
Accentiv firmly believes that ‘Reward delayed is Reward denied’. So, while the Employ Ease platform enables companies to empower their managers to timely compliment and recognise their teams, the wide range of options within the Rewards catalogue allows their team members to redeem for some relevant gifts. In case if the client chooses to deploy their internal platform for the management of programs, then the firm provides full support by offering their catalog-on-demand service while fulfilling the requirements of their clients. Accentiv’ has the right mix of rewards to suit budgets and thereby offers a range of relevant reward catalog options. Additionally, the firm goes one step further and includes additional features like Flexi Pay which allows employees to top-up and combine their reward points to redeem a bigger reward as per their choice.

Today, Accentiv’has cemented its hold in the industry as one of India's largest provider of rewards and loyalty solutions managing B2B, B2C as well as B2E programs for 100+ large multinationals across the country. In the coming years, the firm aims to keep doing good work while focusing on both organic and inorganic growth of the business.