4SL Background Check: Empowering Organizations By Conducting Fast, Accurate, And Reliable Background Checks

Rahul Yadav,  Vice President

Rahul Yadav

Vice President

Before hiring new hires, almost all Indian businesses from various industries do background checks on the candidates because of the rise in informational inconsistencies in job applications. To weed out fraudulent applicants, more and more businesses have continued to embrace the practice in the major job sectors including IT, healthcare, banking, automobiles, and others. The industry has expanded significantly over the past ten years and is expected to expand remarkably as can be observed by the number of new players that have emerged with modern methods and technology.

Incorporated in February 2022, 4SL BACKGROUND CHECK is one of the fastest-growing Investigation services providers in India with 10 years of Industry experience as a background verification proprietorship firm. 4SL offers services including employment background verification, education checks, criminal records checks, identity checks, insurance investigation, psychometric tests, social media verifications, and document verification among other things across the PAN India location.

“Over the course of ten years, we have gradually improved our abilities to the point where we now have four branches in India, one each in Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore,” speaks Rahul Yadav, Vice President. 4SL is among the best in India in handling field verification procedures due to its ten years of expertise, good reach across India and highly skilled
staff positioned at numerous locations to conduct the operation as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Without the aid of any significant investors, 4SL has grown into a strong and cohesive business and even though many other businesses failed to survive the epidemic, the fact that the business kept expanding and didn't allow any of its employees to lose their jobs or even have their salaries deducted speaks volumes about its stability. “4SL is more of a customer and employee-focused company and that is our USP. We take care of our staff because we believe that if an employee is content, the client will be as well.

We are assertively committed to providing quality service by implementing our principal values of Professionalism, Courtesy, Responsibility, Respect, Honour, and Integrity to the fullest,” speaks Rahul Yadav. The firm is involved in numerous verification areas, including banking, non-banking, insurance, tenant verification, blue-collar verification, and more, in contrast to most BGV organizations, who frequently just focus on employee BGV and also take into account specific requests from individuals, such those for a security guard or tenant verification.

4SL is more of a customer and employee-focused company and that is our USP

The firm believes that customers typically desire faster services as well as technical port digitization while also considering the price. “We want to avoid establishing ourselves in a position where our primary objective is to come on board with a very large client, thus our guiding concept is to initially focus more on the Indian market and assist small and medium-sized corporate organizations,” speaks Rahul Yadav. 4SL strongly believes in following the obvious course through the trail of evidence and abstaining from lying about the truth in any situation as a result, its investigations are carried out in accordance with prevailing values with resolve and righteousness.

4SL understands that its clients expect the firm to respect and protect their privacy and maintain utmost confidentiality through and through. 4SL continues to bring innovation new technology, and API's integration into the industry since customers essentially demand that everything be automated and digitalized. “We are considering using a cloud-based server in the future because they are secure and we need to adequately serve our clients and the majority of the banks that are affiliated with us. In light of data security and compliance, we are also considering infrastructure development and will keep reimagining our conventional practices,” signs off Rahul.