Quetzal Verify : Renowned For Its Detailed Background Verification With Cutting-Edge Technology

 Devashish Chakravarty,   Managing Director

Devashish Chakravarty

Managing Director

Want to reduce business losses from low productivity and fraud? Verify your employees before you hire them says Major Devashish Chakravarty, renowned columnist for careers with the Economic Times and Managing Director of Quetzal Verify. Hiring fraud has increased dramatically after the pandemic. Virtual interviews and remote hiring practices have changed the nature of hiring. In turn, number of hiring frauds have surged including external help during interviews, false resumes, fraudulent reference checks and fake experience letters. A growing number of startups and large companies whose business suffered from wrong and negligent hiring are using mandatory employee background checks to protect their data and stop losing time and money from wrong hiring.

Quetzal Verify, a background verification company was founded in 2008, by alumni from the Indian Army, IIMs and IITs, to partner startups and MNCs in building reliable and trust worthy teams and avoid hiring wrong people. Currently, nearly 25 percent of large businesses and 30 percent of startups use employee background verification services to confirm the information provided during the hiring process and to weed out phony resumes, fraud during interviews, identity theft, falsified relieving letters and certificates. This reduces future losses to business arising from theft, low productivity, conflict, violence and abuse.

Startups and international MNCs are Quetzal Verify's most demanding and satisfied
customers. Startups have dynamic and customised requirements with emphasis on leveraging technology. QVerify's Startup services and team are thus geared for creating and delivering these personalised startup solutions through their cutting edge tech platform. Meanwhile, international MNCs are focused on comprehensive services, compliance with international regulations and data privacy where QVerify's international team and platform have 15 years of experience in serving the most demanding international banks.

QVerify's international team and plat form have 15 years of experience in serving the most demanding international banks

Major Devashish Chakravarty says, "QVerify, started as an idea in 2006, from IIM Ahmedabad where my team and I had to scrutinise and verify 500 resumes of our batch and juniors before they could participate in the universally trusted placement process. This was a critical step since students came from different backgrounds and experiences while hundreds of employers trusted the IIM Ahmedabad system to hire these students as managers at high salaries”. The entire verification process was carried out at nearly zero cost by leveraging the networks of former defence employees and alumni of IIM Ahmedabad. There after, QVerify was incorporated to service the most demanding clients only namely international finance and MNCs. Later as startups emerged with their own special requirements, a separate team and process was specially built to reduce the risk for startups.

The company's significant clients have included major businesses like Cognizant, Parle Agro, Mahindra, Adecco, ITC, clients of ABC Consultants, institutions including IIM Indore, IIM Ahmedabad and a host of startups across India.

"Our main objective is to create and execute strategies for our clients, using networks and technology, to get them the workforce that is most competent and suitable for them" says Devashish Chakravarty who has spent 17 years in the Indian Army worked on Wall Street and is the Careers columnist for ET Wealth. Apart from employment checks, QVerify offers all the other checks across India and across the World including Professional Reference Checks, Education History Checks, Address Visit Checks, Credit Score Checks, Identity Checks, Criminal and Database Checks.

With a smooth on boarding experience and its proprietary cutting edge technology platform, QVerify's satisfied clients have 24/7 access to the most effective background verification solution backed by a strong service team.