Pexitics: Enabling Hiring Framework through Unconventional HR Tech Products

In an age of digital disruption, technology is transforming every aspect of an organization including employee recruitment and managing the 21st century workforce. The HR professionals no longer have to be bogged down by manual processes or overwhelming amounts of data. With a shift towards HRtech, the HR department is now more nimble through technology and has greater freedom to make a significant impact on corporate culture. Pexitics, headquartered in Bengaluru, is a platform which helps to assess candidates through a robust dashboard that makes the pre-screening of candidates a much faster, and simpler process. The company is an unconventional HR Analytics firm that has built its own comprehensive assessment platform that generates the PexiScore.

"PexiScore is our working site under the parent company name Pexitics. It is the engine that can power your HR teams with People Analytics and Advisory Services along with Online PreHiring Solutions to catapult your business into the future before your competition even thinks about getting there", explained Reuben Ray, Founder & CEO, Pexitics.

The challenge was to make people aware of performance cost which is due to hiring wrong candidate. The companies hire people on the basis of experience and academic qualification, but for terminating, these parameters are usually over looked. Carefully chosen manpower based on lot of standard practices of analytics and human resources along with psychology and psychometric, enables organization to maintain a holistic culture and teamwork to avoid extra performance cost. Therefore, every company should have a benchmark on the basis of which candidates are hired. This implies that a candidate will be hired if he matched all the eligibility criteria. Established and emerging HR tech platforms are helping companies to maneuver upcoming challenges, and are providing unprecedented opportunities for automation, process efficiency, and employee well being. Pexitics provides products like PexiScore and CareerGraph to help the organizations identify such parameters and get a fit
match for their company. PexiScore is a rating of how wella candidate fits a specific job description. Unlike a resume, a PexiScore represents the all round personality of the candidate. Where as, CareerGraph is an offering to those who seek directions in their search for a career that fits with their attributes. It is a flexible, well-designed report to facilitate job fitment and career exploration.
Subhashini S Tripathi , Founder

Significant Demonstrations of Expertise
With such efficient products, Pexitics on boarded a client in Saudi Arabia to work with. However, the primary challenge was that every company in Saudi is a government entity and to conduct any business with them, one needs to be a registered vendor. Thus, with the help of a CHRO (Saudi's registered vendor), Pexitics delivered its first international services. Further, Pexitics also got associated with HAL. The entire interviewing process of HAL for management trainees was conducted across a stretch of 5 days. With Pexitics'Products, the interview duration was cut down to almost 3 days.

Pexitics focuses on analytics as an enabler for organizational success to facilitate the integration of data-based decisions

After such achievements the company is keen to get more investors on board in order to grow in tire 3 cities too. Moreover, the company is also diversifying into consulting given the firm's preconsulting approach ahead of its implementing solutions. The company is also looking into expanding internationally across African and South east Asian market. Pexitics focuses on analytics as an enabler for organizational success to facilitate the integration of databased decisions into the larger scope of the organization for its human resource strategies and growth.