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  • 20 Most Promising Personality Development Service Providers-2018

    According a recent research by Deloitte, organisations are undergoing financial as well as productive losses. Reason; lack of personality management guidance that is often leading to the downfall of the work mojo. In this highly competitive work environment, time is money and low productivity makes running the organisation an expensive. The personality management experts offer the much needed assistance in helping companies bridge the gap of soft skills essential to help employees understand their capability and refine their work methodology that makes them productive not only at workplaces but in the respective lives as well. These personality management experts blend in the industrial knowledge, with the familiarity of corporate culture and most important, human psychology. By...

20 Most Promising Personality Development Service Providers-2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
 Ace American Ace American V Rajamanickam, Manager Providing the best teaching methods for personality development with a focus on building positive attitude, using of American & British accents and more
Bridgense Bridgense A. N. Dyaneswaran, Founder Offering programs that focuses on goal setting, communication skills, decision making, behavioural skills, assertiveness skills, critical thinking, financial planning for developing a great personality
Chiron Leadership Skills Chiron Leadership Skills Kalpana Rajagopalan, Manager Focusing on individual and organizational development, its training methodology includes seminars, lectures, role-plays, individual/group tasks and more with their psychometric tools, NLP techniques, TA concepts and more
Educares Educares Preeti Thakur, Director Offering personality development courses by focusing on leadership,interpersonal, communication, stress, conflicts, group dynamics and motivation aspects of life
English Pro English Pro Ram Kisan Sharma, Chairman Proffering personality development training programs that helps the applicant to improve skills and personality for their bright future
Genius Temple Genius Temple Swami Dhyan Alok, Founder Offering training programs that focuses on boosting one’s confidence, improving communication and language speaking abilities, adding style with positivity, liveliness and peace
Global Success Global Success Kalpesh Desai, Founder & Life Coach Providing personal training, training to trainers and issuing certificate on successful completion of the training
Kanaz Classes Kanaz Classes Kanaz Tarachand, Owner Offering courses related to personality development means enhancing and grooming one’s outer and inner self to bring a positive change
Know N Grow Know N Grow Chandrashekar Kupperi, Director Offering customized training solutions to Small and Medium-sized enterprises that aims at developing soft-skills, management subjects, domain trainings in a precise, customizable and cost-effective way
Liecesters Liecesters Attingal C. D. Prakasam, Managing Director Imparting several training program techniques such as speechgeneration, organs training speech, flow pattern word, conversation, discourse building and more
Optimista Training & Development India Optimista Training & Development India Bharathy, Director , Varadaraj, Director - Operations Transforms the method of work and life of professionals & entrepreneurs, as well as for the budding leaders from schools & colleges with training programmes that induce self-learning
Pace Pace Naheed Shah, Founder Delivering top quality personality development courses that strengthens presentation skills, etiquette training, dress sense, grooming, mock interviews, resume and cover letter drafting and more
Perfect Spoken English & Personality Development Institute Perfect Spoken English & Personality Development Institute Sudha Agarwal, Director One-of-its-kind institute providing spoken english, personality development and corporate skilling par excellence through tailored courses, rich syllabus and personalized consideration
Sanjeev Datta Sanjeev Datta Sanjeev Datta, Founder With a motto of ’creating a new you in you,‘ the training courses aims at the internal development for a better external interpretation, theatrical action method, enhancing ability to express, overcome shyness, hesitation, stage fear, developing leadership qualities
Smart Shrubs Smart Shrubs Ankur Varshney, Co-Facilitator Delivering sessions that focuses on helping the children identify and bridge gap between real self and an ideal self concept
Success Unlimited Success Unlimited Benny George, Founder & CEO Addressing the training and development needs of organizations and delivers fragmented segments of skill development from leadership skills, team management to HR process and fundamental business communication skills
The Lingo The Lingo Moin, Managing Director Providing teaching/training classes and practical programs effectively to develop a good personality to lead a better career
Utopia Learnings Utopia Learnings Dr. Sumeet, Director With scientific proven tools such as NLP (Neuro-lingustic programme),Six Sigma, Management Tools like Kaizen, balance score cards and more it aims at developing the inner transformation in human beings for a better personality to move forward in career and life
You Can Change Institute You Can Change Institute Dr. Balpreet Arora, Founder Proffering personality development programs that covers, customized analysis, nutrition and health guidance, developing dress sense, social etiquettes, wardrobe management, and more