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  • 10 Most Promising Psychometric Testing & Assessment Companies - 2022

    The rate at which change is happening in the industrial and business setup today is incessant and thereby it has become essential to make business predictions, anticipating climate, financial markets, political and geopolitical updates, and more. Well, to go about doing it markedly, human resource has a greater role to play. Thereby, organizations today are necessarily focusing on entrenching a workforce that holds the potential and skills to abide by the unprecedented challenges put forth in job conduct. As workforce performance varies significantly across jobs, many organizations realize the importance of psychometric tests to foresee behavior before recruitment, making psychometric tests part of their talent management initiatives. Psychometric tests are an objective way of...

10 Most Promising Psychometric Testing & Assessment Companies - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
9 Links 9 Links Dr. Nivedita Srivastava, Founder Works for Organizational Development and Behavioural Assessment through Online and offline psychometric tests
Bodhih Training Bodhih Training Siddharthan V.G.J., Founder & CEO Covers the entire gamut of soft-skills inventory; hundreds of courses across leadership, sales, human resources, communication, and behavioural training verticals
Central Test India Central Test India Manoj Devda, Director Combines the power of smart data technology with the reliability of psychometric science to make the best decisions in talent recruitment, management and development
CoCubes CoCubes Amit Das, Relationship Manager Their assessments measure employability across all domains and it works with clients to execute entry-level and lateral assessments
Conscious Mind Solution Conscious Mind Solution Reetesh Riku, Director & Consulting Psychologist A leading psychometric testing, training and talent assessment company catering for government, private and academic training enterprises with diverse intervention programmes for interpersonal growth and stability
Jombay Jombay Mohit Gundecha, Co-Founder & CEO A private company and a assessment centres for managers and above using psychometrics and behavioural sciences, specialises in HR & staffing
Merit Trac Merit Trac Sujatha Kumarswamy,, CEO Helps organisations in automating the examination process, right from processing the test application form to administering the tests and digitally evaluating the results
Psychometrica Psychometrica Anuradha Satyanarayana, Counseling Psychologist An indigenous psychometric assessment platform that offers psychometric tests to guide you along every step of your people management journey
RH Factor RH Factor Capt. Rahul Sharma, Founder, CEO & CHRO Focuses on discovering the untapped potential of an individual and their capabilities in order to streamline them in a professional setting where they can flourish and benefit the organization
Scholarly Scholarly Vivek Bhandari, Founder & CEO Helps bright and ambitious students get admitted to their dream university and its proprietary tools diagnose a student’s cognitive ability, key behaviors, and academic performance