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  • 10 Most Prominent Career Counsellors - 2024

    Empowering Decisions with Verification In today's globalized and highly competitive business environment, background verification has become an essential practice for companies. It ensures that the information provided by potential employees is accurate and trustworthy, thereby safeguarding the organization's reputation and assets. It helps in mitigating risks associated with hiring by uncovering any discrepancies in a candidate's employment history, qualifications, and criminal records. This process prevents the hiring of individuals who may pose a threat to the workplace environment or the company's confidential information. Moreover, thorough background checks contribute to a safer and more secure workplace. By verifying the credentials and history of...

10 Most Prominent Career Counsellors - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Career Guidance 4U Career Guidance 4U Kanchan Sumit Porwal, Founder The company that focuses on career-related solutions at any stage, from being a student, under graduates, or graduate to mid-level professionals, offerings psychometric analysis, virtual internship program and more
 Career Guidance JP Gandhi Career Guidance JP Gandhi Jayaprakash Gandhi, Founder & Chairman A full-fledged career counselling institute well renowned for mentoring and molding contenders for suitable professions, also offers a massive basket of programs for candidates interested in engineering, medical, law, commerce, arts, and design
Career Monk Career Monk Srishti Mahendru, Founder & Head - Coach The online career counselling and guidance platform, encompassing stream selection, profile building, career workshop, career assessment and overseas education
Enrich My Career Enrich My Career Nishant Sarawgi, Founder A one-stop career counselling, mentoring and education consultancy venture catering to the self-discovery, career mapping, career planning, and career development needs of people
Explore Counselling Explore Counselling Dr. Vasuki Madhivanan , Founder The company plays a crucial role in assisting you during these challenging stages of life, offering support, initial training to better equip you for future challenges, individual counseling, and group activities in diverse forms
Idreamcareer Idreamcareer Harshita Srivastava, Career Counsellor The career counselling platform to help you navigate your career path, with expertise in career assessment, career counselling, career & college information, and skill development
JDP Career Counseling Institute JCCI JDP Career Counseling Institute JCCI Prachi Agrawal, Founder Director Highly committed in providing the right and unbiased guidance needed for the individuals, also excels in career guidance, skill development, career counselling, psychometric assessment and others
Lesli India Education Lesli India Education Santanu Choudhury, Founder & Career Counsellor Provides educational counselling services including career counselling, counselling for study abroad, psychometric testing, coaching for SAT/ GRE/ GMAT and TOEFL and entrance test preparation
Meraki Counselling Meraki Counselling Bhumika Phutela, Founder Offer exceptional and distinctive services like career guidance, resume building, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and interview preparation to boost your professional growth and help you land great job opportunities
Pro Career Counseling Pro Career Counseling Gauri Jain, Founder & CEO A well-known education venture, specialize in the field of career assessment, career guidance and career counselling for school students, graduates as well as professionals