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It seems there wasn't enough challenges for the HR that pandemic dawned new ones on them. From the regular job of hiring, training, retaining, learning and development and designing the growth path of the employees in the organization, today's HRs have some more crucial works to do. It is more about crisis response and how to keep the employees engaged, provide the right communication channels and tools for remote work, design and device new work policies and more.

Indeed, the challenges of the new age HRs are quite unique to the industry, which no one would have eer thought. As employees now start to work from home and many feel burnt out due to excessive work stress/load, HRs now have to go a step further to understand their pulse and sensitivity, and equip them to deal respond to the mental health and wellbeing of the workers. And yes, let's not talk about remote work as it is now a part of every employees work life. However, this new normal has brought in may more challenges for the HR to deal with apart from the health front. Securing the infrastructure is yet another one.

However, they have their own challenges to deal with. HR departments are not designed for agility, which is impacting HR professionals big time. While it is important for them to respond fast and move quickly, lack of agility is hampering their and their organization's productivity largely. Communication, especially internal, has become more challenging and hence picking the right communication tools is important. This means HRs too need to be extremely tech savvy. Whether its selecting candidates, interviewing and onboarding them, whether it is keeping the global team connected through proper communication mediums and more, everything is digital now and hence HR has to be a tech-enthusiast. You love the fact or hate it, but this is the fact.

In our current edition of siliconindia Magazine, we bring to you the story of few such HRs who went North & South to ensure their work and the organization's efficiency is not impacted even a penny. Their efforts are priceless and hence needs recognition. This is what our issue `10 Most Promising HRs in Non-IT Sector - 2021' and `10 Most Promising HRs in IT Sector - 2021' brings to you. Read to know more about them.

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