Preparing The Executives For The Next Normal

With the new normal in place, there are new challenges to deal with. Some we have adjusted with but many are yet to surface, especially in the professional front. Hence executives need to learn new traits or upgrade their existing capabilities to deal with the next normal. Those who fail to do so will go into oblivion. More so, against the backdrop of continuous growing awareness about the benefits of coaching in every sphere of life including professional, the executive coaching market has emerged as an accepted and more so expected to be practiced across the 21st century corporates.

Executive coaching enjoyed nearly 30 years of introduction phase (from 1950's through to late 1980's). And today, a highly able executive coach can transform any professionals live for the good. Indeed professionally trained and experienced coaches can work wonders in improving one's skill, peer relationships and management traits. Such expert coaches possess a greater degree of understanding and emotional intelligence, apart from being a good listener. Their analytics and problem solving skills act as their armors to offer guidance without restricting themselves with instructions and directives mentioned in the coaching books.

Looking at this growing market, siliconindia Magazine brings to you `10 Most Promising Executive Coaching Companies ­ 2020'. Our team of experts comprising industry veterans and siliconindia Editorial Board post performing due diligence shortlisted the companies to bring to you their story including their services, their expertise, case studies and more. Read to know more about them and find a coach for yourself to brighten your life.

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