Team Building - The Key to Improve Workplace performance

Komal Verma, Head HR Generalist, Login RadiusIn every company, it is important to establish a corporate culture where people enjoy coming to work every day, collaborate easily with their colleagues and trust each other. A strong, efficient team is not just built by hiring people. Today, as a business leader, just hiring competent, people is not enough. It is important that these people learn about each other, understand and appreciate the diversity within the organization and the relevance of working together as one team. Small team building activities should be a consistent part of the organization’s curriculum rather than relying on one or two large events each year.

Today, new age companies are leveraging team building activities for the purpose of building a stronger unit of employees. Companies today realize that team building isn't the time to talk about company policies or new product rollouts. It is the time to gather your people in one place and give them a reason to interact with each other in a non-work-related way.

This helps teams to get along better, thereby reducing office stress and helps build up enthusiasm and energy. This also means enhanced productivity. When people are less stressed, they simply perform better. Plus, when the workload gets heavy, a team works together to get the job done. The result is a more efficient system where everyone is contributing optimally.

As a new age startup, we believe that a happy & engaged staff make for a better, more productive workplace. Our motto “Work Hard, Party Harder” reflects the sentiment. A few interesting ideas for new age companies to promote team building could be:
Corporate events and social responsibility - Where possible employers should reward partners and families for their support and loyalty, rather than alienate them by creating staff-only events. On occasions like Diwali, foundation day etc. startups today invite employees to bring their family members in office so that everyone can group socially with other family members too. This not only increases togetherness with other members but also make everyone feel a part of the company’s extended family.

Celebrating personal milestones - Celebrating milestones, both personal and professional, can be a great motivator and morale booster.

Work-life balance – In today’s world, especially in startups, achieving work-life balance is a daily challenge. It is important for companies to encourage a healthy work life balance so that employees do not feel unnecessarily pressurized and have time to focus on their personal lives as well. An employee, who doesn't make time for self-care, eventually damages their output and productivity.
Team outings - Team outings and team lunches/dinners can be a great source of motivation for employees and help boost their productivity.

Celebrating personal milestones - Celebrating milestones, both personal and professional, can be a great motivator and morale booster.

Team building is a chance for enhancing employer manager relationships. New age startups encourage managers to engage with their employees on a personal level. The more time managers spend with employees, the more approachable they will become, and the easier it will be for them to gain their team’s trust and respect. With new age workspaces becoming exceeding collaborative, bringing together a high performing team has become a key to success. Team building activities can significantly assist this process by building strong relationships, increasing communication and allowing employers to find hidden talent that will help the company excel.

A popular adage says, “Teamwork is less me and more we”, and for good reason. When people are committed to teamwork, the workplace operates more smoothly, problems are resolved more quickly, conflict is less likely to turn toxic, and output is greater.