How Technology Helps Recruitment Firms to Meet the Ever-Growing Demands of Globalization

Abhishek Agarwal, Senior Vice President, Judge GroupThe evolving trend of outsourcing human resource planning and recruitment among the business is spearheading the growth of the staffing industry. Lately, it has emerged as the backbone of thousands of businesses which are globalizing to get a strong foothold in the international market and rely on the staffing firms for placing and retaining the right talent. From small organization to large, every player is expanding the horizons to tap on the international clients while impressively meeting the demands of the domestic ones.

For this, businesses increasingly spur the demands for the global talents who have an in-depth understanding of domestic & international markets and industries, and can fit into an organization and contribute significantly to its growth. The recruitment and staffing firms, in such a landscape, are paving their way to success by placing the top tier talent in the right place. And, the ever evolving technologies poise to be a great helping hand for the recruitment firms to meet the global hiring demands in the contemporary age.

Sourcing Talent Made Easy
The global staffing firms receive the requirements from the clients operating in varied countries in bulk where every second one is different and complex from the first. For this, they have to continuously assess the emerging roles and positions in different sectors in a particular country and accordingly prepare a pool of candidates. An ATS Management System programmed with Artificial Intelligence is a platform where the recruiters can source the qualified and talented job applicants by auto-refining the volumes of resumes and collecting the data from their social media profiles. On understanding the behavior and requirement of the recruiters, AI ATS system skims over a thousand resumes, but screens only the best match using the intelligent AI matching algorithm.

In fact, staffing software companies have started designing the ATS
Management Systems integrated with CRM systems in order to reduce the manual labor of recruiters. The moment a lead becomes a client, it moves into the client section in an auto mode and the job openings are automatically added. The recruiters do not need to manually migrate, upload or download the client's data. This also gives relevant insights on which recruiter filled how many positions of a client.

Curbing the Common Challenges
The trends in recruitment are continually changing in the staffing industry because the employers prefer hiring the employees having sound knowledge of technology apart from their core skill set. As AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning will be transforming the workplaces like never before, the employees should be able to adapt to the changing work culture and work-place. The technology has a big role to play in the globalized employment market enabling the candidates to search for opportunities in continents far away from anyone. At the time of hiring, candidates often pose a fraud identity or skills and so the recruiters have to be very alert to avoid placing con candidates.

Because justification and account-ability is the duty of the recruiters, staffing firms have started using blockchain technology. The qualifications, certifications, and past work record of a job applicant can be verified and authenticated using a distributed blockchain ledger. Blockchain platforms and software ensures the accuracy, transparent, and seamless workflow between the parties. Once the encrypted information is fed to the blockchain platform, it cannot be altered. The candidates today are using the blockchain for accrediting their career history and having it trusted by the employers whereas the employers use it for background verification reducing time and costs to source and recruit talent.

A Convenient Way to Interview
Working remotely and telecommuting is the new trend in the staffing industry as the global talents are less likely to pay a visit to the office in another country for the first or second round of interview. For this, interviewing over video chat or conferencing is the first choice of recruiters to evaluate the behavior of the candidates. However, recruiting firms are now shifting to online assessments and predictive hiring tools to precisely examine a candidate's abilities, traits, skills, and competence. Online assessment tools are more accurate and less expensive than face-to-face interviews in the age of globalization. Again, such assessment tools can also be integrated with the ATS management tools in order to simplify the recruitment process. Once the online assessment is passed by the candidate, he can then move to his workplace. This saves time and money for both employers & candidates, as well as the recruitment firms.

Improving Experiences
Heavy investments are being made into the staffing software technology from the last few years in order to devise effective talent-oriented solutions. The recruitment firms are focusing on improving the talent acquisition experience for their clients by incorporating new tools into their business process. The volatility in the global marketplace has made it a high time for the staffing companies to ponder on their technological value propositions for both the businesses and the job seekers.