Importance of Personality Development

Vaibhav Pande, Co-founder & CEO, TWIN WIN“Personalities are not born, they are forged.” It is a process that requires time and diligent efforts. We are what we do and what we surround ourselves with. The ideas we take from the world become us and later, decide our success. In the current era of endless opportunities and ever increasing competition, it is extremely important to work on one’s own personality. Only good grades will not ensure success. A perfect balance between academic excellence and exquisite soft skills is quintessential.

People are unaware about the importance of Personality Development. This is due to lack of counselling and guidance. Millions of Indian students have low self-confidence and are fearful of public speaking. This leads to poor performance in college and job interviews. Most of the schools in India do not provide personality development trainings to students. Such programmes are useful and help students to work on their latent skills. Areas like body language, confidence building, public speaking, idea generation, creative and critical thinking etc. should be taught at school level as they are tested once an individual starts his career. It is not something to be taken for granted and its importance should be taught to students from a very young age.

Need of developing professional skills
Professional skills are something that is not inborn and should be learnt by every individual. A person with remarkable professional skills will excel much better than a person with poor professional conduct.
Skills like organisation skills, work efficiency, language skills, presentation skills etc. are a must to learn by every individual.

Lack of any one of these skills leads to frustration at the work place and a monotonous success rate. Everybody dreams of a successful career and a luxurious lifestyle but only a limited amount of people achieve it. We need to go that extra mile and personality training is surely that extra mile that only some people decide to take.

Life Skills for a successful career
Life skills like time management, anger management, stress management etc. should be learnt by everyone as they help in shaping the inner personality. In order to achieve ultimate success, it is very important to have a realised soul. Happiness attracts opportunities and luck. If a person is happy and realised from the inside, he is more attentive to details. The happiness aura in him helps him understand, react and respond in a better way. A realised human being is more creative as his vision and decisions are more lucid than a person with a troubled and disturbed mind set. Even the greatest scientist in the world can face difficulties in concentrating if he is suffering from stress and depression. A serene mind leads to better productivity and efficiency. In other words, a sound personal life helps in the development of a successful professional life as both of them are greatly interconnected to each other.

The Purpose of life
It is said that the purpose of life is to live a purposeful life. So, what’s the purpose anyway? Materialistic success or inner peace? The perfect combination of both is the answer. The right concoction of both the phenomena. With a profound personality, an individual can achieve both of them. He can be materialistically successful and spiritually peaceful at the same time. Personality Development Training opens the horizons of human capabilities and widens the ambit of one’s skillset and expertise. A person gets to know about his hidden talents and capabilities. One gets the answer to the age old question, “Who am I”? This question has generated more doubts than any other thing in the world. It has led to failures and demotivation all around the globe. So, it is very important to find oneself and the purpose for which one is here. With personality development training, life gets a purpose and success becomes a by-product.
Thus, personality development is not limited to speaking in good English. It means to work on your weaknesses, strengthening your forte and polishing those essential skills. Personality development also means to become successful while retaining those humane skills.