What Will The HR Departments Look Like In The Post Norm Of #WFH?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has major upheavals in every industry and the HR industry is no different. Because of the pandemic, the old ways of doing things have been rendered obsolete. In their place, new trends like work-from-home are popping up that meet the requirements of the changed scenario. The adoption of these trends, however, requires certain changes in the existing HR infrastructure. Let us take a look at what the HR sector will look like in the post-pandemic phase as WFH becomes a norm.

Virtual Recruitment And Flexi-Staffing
While online recruitment had already been gaining popularity for the past few years, the pandemic has catalyzed the phenomenon. Earlier, certain elements of recruitment and onboarding were conducted online, but now the organizations have been forced to shift entire processes to online platforms.

With remote working becoming a norm the demand for HR professionals who are also IT and privacy experts will grow manifold

This trend will continue in the future as well and combined with the WFH model, it will allow the organizations to hire the most suitable candidates for the jobs without worrying about geographical limitations. Instead of permanently hiring employees for temporary job roles, the HR department would prefer subcontracting suitable candidates. This will not only reduce unnecessary spending but will also allow organizations to hire candidates who are specialists in their domain.

Devising New Ways Of Boosting Employee Morale
While the WFH model has emerged as a lifesaver for many businesses, it has taken away the feeling of working together as a community, which is necessary for maintaining employee morale. Given that people are now confined to their homes, the HR departments need to devise new strategies to boost morale and teamwork.

Without any clear division between personal and professional life, it has become difficult for people to maintain a work-life balance. Therefore, the HR department needs to come up with ways to express gratitude to the people who've been working hard despite the dire circumstances. Creating a strong work culture on the virtual platform is not an easy task and it is something that has never been done before on such a large scale ­ but here we are. The situation demands that we work-from-home for a while, and to get the most out of their workers, the HR professionals need to focus on their mental well-being by coming up with innovative, collaborative strategies.

Demand For IT And Privacy Specialists Will Grow
With remote working becoming a norm the demand for HR professionals who are also IT and privacy experts will grow manifold. Since it is the job of HR professionals to collect sensitive information from potential job candidates and employees and since all this information will now be stored on the online platforms, they need to be technically astute in order to prevent any privacy breach.

Conducting Regular Surveys
While surveying the employees has always been the job of the HR department, it was something that was done once or twice a year. However, seeing how volatile the situation currently is, surveying has become quite common. Organizations need to assess how their employees are dealing with the challenges posed by the pandemic and whether they need any assistance. HR professionals need to study the situation carefully and ask questions that draw out the most valuable responses from the employees.

Focusing On Employee Well-Being In Case The Offices Reopen
As the country has initiated the largest immunization drive in history, it is now being expected that we will finally be able to control the spread of Covid-19. This will allow the organizations to reopen their offices and resume business as usual. However, this time it will be the job of the HR department to ensure workers' safety. They will need to implement strict physical distancing protocols and monitor regularly to ensure that the protocols are being followed.

HR Professionals To Assume Leadership Roles
HR has long desired to gain a seat at the leadership and it seems the Covid-19 pandemic has finally made it possible. The function of the HR department is crucial during these difficult times as it can carry the workforce on its shoulders through the crisis. Even if we look at the recent statistics we'll notice that organizations that have invested in HR initiatives are performing much better than the organization that hasn't. The business industry has realized the importance of the HR department amid a crisis and it seems that even after the pandemic subsides, the solutions offered by the HR department will be welcomed.

The determinants of success have changed during the pandemic and the businesses need to reinvent themselves to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic era. Since HR is the core department in all types of business, it will also have to undergo several changes. Businesses that recognize this need and start working in this direction will have a definitive edge in the new normal.