How Social Intranet can help in Employee Engagement and Retention?

In the majority of organisations, the primary reasons behind employee disengagement and turnover are communication breakdown and the lack of opportunity to make meaningful contributions. Empowering employees to take a stance and voice their opinions can be easier said than done. This is especially true in post-pandemic times when people are assessing their work-life balance and seeking opportunities that better align with their priorities and needs. Dissatisfied with their work, and not happy to go back to the way things were pre-pandemic, employees are quitting in droves.

For companies struggling with high employee attrition, it’s time to create an effective employee engagement and retention program that addresses the reasons employees are leaving and promotes diversity and inclusion.

And the social intranet is the best place to start. Why? It is a tool that can be used to address the main reasons employees feel disengaged and leave: lack of communication, burnout, bad culture, and inflexibility.

The social intranet acts as a single source of truth for the entire organisation, which facilitates internal communications, provides employees access to the information they require, and forms part of the company culture. It serves as a virtual space to connect and engage every employee.

5 Employee Retention and Engagement Strategies To Implement Using a Social Intranet

Establish a Positive Culture- A social intranet is where an HR personnel uploads company policy and other documents for creating a shared sense of purpose and organisational value. As organisational culture isn't just a statement, every interaction between employees and leaders helps refine it and make it robust and relatable. In large organisations, where employees are spread across different locations, digital tools are essential for digitally transforming company culture and workplace diversity. Leadership influences everyone and makes sure no one is excluded while using a 360-degree social intranet as is offered by uKnowva. It acts as a single source of truth and can unite employees around shared ideas, interests or events.

Foster Transparent Corporate Communication- A large percentage of employees do not feel that their company does a good job of keeping them informed or communicating frequently. This can lead to disengagement, disconnect and impact employee turnover. A simple way of retaining employees is to foster communication with them. It is essential to make them aware of what's happening in the organisation. Provide them with visibility so that they can build trust and be more connected to the organisation. This trust and connection makes employees feel significant and builds eagerness to interact more and take charge of their workplace journey with pride and honesty to be an indispensable asset to the organisation.

Improve Employee Recognition- Regular positive feedback is essential for employees to thrive and be self-reliant. Lack of employee appreciation can quickly lead to disengaged and demotivated employees who are most likely to quit. Luckily, the new generation of the social intranet by uKnowva makes employee recognition easy. Leaders can post announcements regarding a ‘job well done’ on the social intranet for everyone to see. It motivates employees to keep up their good work.

Facilitate Collaboration- For any organisation to work effectively, their various departments and their teams must be able to collaborate effectively and work in sync. A social intranet represents one of the most effective collaboration channels available to any organisation. Employees connect over a social intranet with a purpose and work together in tandem. Easy exchange of ideas with polls/surveys/forums, giving quick feedback, and sharing of documents are the features that help complete pending work faster without being at the same location. It also helps employees within an organisation to be constantly aware of what each team is doing with regards to ongoing company projects.

Empower Employees to Perform Better- Employees who feel heard are more likely to feel empowered and perform better. They are also much less likely to quit a job. One way to make employees empowered with an intranet is to create a dedicated space for sharing ideas. This is the place where everyone can contribute their ideas and turn those into impactful actions. Everyone can make suggestions on the social intranet and decision-makers can consider the feasible ones for collective growth in workplace culture and employee performance expectations.

Final Words- It is essential that employees are provided with a platform for expressing their ideas, concerns, insight, and feedback so that they feel valued and purposeful. For instance, uKnowva’s social intranet is an ideal tool for recognising and rewarding people across the company. It is one of the perfect solutions to keep business communications transparent and efficient.