Zecruiters: A Platform that Companies Turn to for Talent Acquisition and Human Resources Management

Team Zecruiters,It's competitive in the employment market these days. There are excellent jobs available, but how do you go about discovering them? Inquiring about job openings in person with potential employers is the norm. This will need a substantial investment of time and energy. However, things are simplified if you use a platform dedicated to find employment opportunities. Recruitment platforms make it simple for job-seekers to research and apply for a broad variety of positions. In 2016, the founders of Zecruiters saw the opportunity that could help people to find jobs both online & offline and built a platform to connect. The company is directed by Chartered Accountants, MBAs and Tech Experts.

Founders of company have worked with large companies where they gained expertise with cutting-edge technology, optimizing processes, instituting controls and providing high-quality services within the intended TAT.

Below is an excerpt of exclusive interaction with founders of the company with Siliconindia’s magazine.

What are the key points about Zecruiters?
Vision and Core values of Zecruiters help company stay true to its objective and ahead of any potential problems that may arise. Zecruiters obtained various ISO Certifications to bring its operations into conformity with international norms and have standardized processes in place to ensure the smooth functioning. Inhouse recruiting team of Zecruiters further strengthened by a large number of competent freelancers and housewives who are prepared to work from home in keeping with the company's emphasis on the notion of Women Empowerment. Zecruiters can efficiently manage large volumes of work without compromising efficiency or quality. Zecruiters developed a Requisition Management System (RMS) which helps to provide only shortlisted candidates after screening who are Interested & Suitable for the job. Moreover, we think that the team Zecruiters would benefit from adopting Women Empowerment.

There are thousands of job portals on the internet and billions of people use them every day. How does Zecruiters differentiate itself from its peer service providers?
We provide a user-friendly interface that is less complex than those of our competitors, as well as minimal procedures for creating a profile. If a qualified applicant applies for a position posted on our platform, a member of our internal screening team will give them a call to help them through the process. We maintain a database of submitted resumes, suggest candidates with matching profiles to hiring managers and search for available positions in their area. We're also working on a way to facilitate interaction and collaboration amongst talent pools.

We want to develop a marketplace where companies may list open positions and specify an incentive amount for referrers. Those firms who cannot afford to hire a costly consultant would benefit from this. Further, people who aren't actively seeking
employment but have a solid professional network, will be directed to such job postings. This will work as an exchange for job postings and related stuffs and it will help recruiters in getting people who are not even there on other job portals.

How you are ensuring that Zecruiters is the best place to work?
As an organization, Zecruiters is committed to provide its employees with a positive working Environment. This is accomplished via a variety of methods, including encouraging team-building activities such as office parties, offsites, sporting events and holiday celebrations. In addition, we provide the finest incentives to our workforce. Since our employees spend so much time in the workplace, we think it's important that you enjoy your time here.

Zecruiters developed a Requisition Management System (RMS) which helps to provide only shortlisted candidates after screening who are Interested & Suitable for the job

Being Chartered Accountants, why did you choose this industry which is altogether different from your field?
By virtue of our professional qualifications as Chartered Accountants, we can assess the needs of a company concerning its available resources with more accuracy. Working with large corporates, we got exposure of cutting-edge technologies, streamlining procedures, establishing quality assurance measures and meeting strict deadlines while maintaining high standards for service delivery.

Recruiting is about more than just hiring for the next position, the next quarter, or the next year. You must consider the evolving recruitment trends that haven’t yet impacted your organization. A successful recruitment strategy should encompass current needs but also be flexible enough for tomorrow. This is where Zecruiters ends up as your best Hiring Partner.

We understand that assessing huge talent pool takes up time which is a drain on the company’s resources.We discovered a need in the recruiting sector via our interactions with customers and believe that filling it would help us establish ourselves as a major player in the sector.

Enlighten us about the vision and values followed byZecruiters.
The vision of Zecruiters is to be “THE CHOICE of the client as a strategic partner in talent search and human resource management”. And the values of Zecruiters such as People, Integrity, Innovation, and Commitment, help in keeping a focused approach and avoiding conflicting situations.

What are the major expectations of job seekers and recruiters from job portals such as yours? How do you meet their expectations?
Job-seekers desire a simple design and a system that instantly finds them suitable job openings based on their qualifications. We tailored our system to meet the aforementioned requirements.

Are you coming up with new services to expand your current portfolio?
To help meet the vacant requirement as quickly as possible, a lot of Technological Solutions have been put to use. Data analytics help assess old candidates, keep track of their profiles to reach out to them for other relevant jobs, for this incorporation of AI and robotics are among our plans for the upcoming years.

The addition of features like specialized resume creation for different types of employees, social media integration, short video resumes, a job exchange board is also on the cards.

What is the future roadmap for the company's new growth phase?
By impanelling more and more businesses, we want to grow website traffic and reach our goal of a 2 Mn talent base by 2024. Achieving an Alexa ranking of 500 or above is another goal of ours. Lastly, the acquisition of minor businesses and new companies to broaden horizon of Zecruiters.