Wings Travels: Leveraging Cost Model with Technology & Experience to Lead the Staff Transportation Domain

Arun Kharat,Founder & CEO
Arun Kharat, Founder & CEO

With the sprouting of the corporate sector, corporate employee transportation is flourishing in India. The limitation of public transport option in busy urban cities for those who work late night or heavy traffic which leads to inconvenience in reaching workplace at time, have led to choose the corporate transportation for safe and comfy commuting. The rapid growth & demand have drawn the attention of many transportation service providers to enter the scenario. Many service providers came with the solutions for inadequate integration of transport networks, information technology and safety facilities with making the transportation industry more vibrant and competitive.

Wings Travels being one of the key players in the industry, provides a unique range of transportation services which includes Corporate Solutions for IT & Software companies (tracking, rostering, scheduling, drop management), car rental services, radiocab services, tour and travels, health & wellness. Wings have a strong framework and mission, with a vision to lead the
staff transportation domain in new way merged with technology and transportation.

"Wings have a strong framework and mission, with a vision to lead the staff transportation domain in new way merged with technology and transportation"

Combined Result of Technology & Idea with Experience
The Pune based company is capable of managing peak of 5500 cabs pan India with its per employee cost model (for varied multiple shifts and headcount over 500 FTE) for cost-efficient pricing and billing by enabling the clients to be stress-free, meeting their costing parameters. Wings is proficient in providing “Managed Transport Model” where it manages end to end transportation solutions, including the escalation management. It's management team takes care of the total transportation project including the risk management with the zero involvement from client side. Company’s service level agreement based transportation model helps bringing the cost down by huge amount offering peace of mind to the clients. Wings entirely fits well to the clients vision of building efficiency, cost, safety and compliance with its mixed fleet of 4, 6 & 14 seaters to buses of 26 & 49 seaters categories embedded with technology. Operational experience of over a decade of dedicated services and a motto of constantly striving to learn more and deliver better services to clients puts Wings in
the front place among its peers in the industry.

One of the huge issues in our country is the restriction of women passenger’s mobility. Cab drivers and Rickshaw, be they regular taxis or app-based aggregators often misbehave with women passengers or abuse them. Women are often asked by friends and family to keep GPS on their phones on while travelling in a cab or auto or click the picture of driver's ID proof. To deal with such situation Wings have introduced lady driver taxi in the IT and ITES industry. Leveraging technology for its efficient services, Wings have its in house tech team that operates under the name of Live Mind Solutions acquired in 2016 which takes responsibilities of all transportation tech related work activity.

Established in 1994, Wings is headed by Arun Kharat, Founder & CEO, who have 18 years of rich experience in staff ETS transportation domain, radio cabs and car rentals. Currently, Wings revenue mark is $197 million (2001-2018)with 200 plus employees and strong presence in commercial hub of western & southern India operating eight major city, including key IT hubs of Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai & Chennai. Going forward, the company will launch its car rental service in tourism very soon in 2019. The company have peaked to revenue of Rs.150 crore in 2016 and is expecting to touch Rs.300 crore in the next two year with heading toward IPO.