White Ladder Consulting & Training: Developing Strategic Solutions for the Client Organization

It’s no secret that at the heart of any successful organization is an accomplished team working in perfect harmony with the organization’s core belief system. Given this fact, it is quite strange that most consulting companies – with their focus on learning and development – address only one or the other component. Either they offer employee training solutions or they offer management solutions, thereby failing to help an organization harness its true potential. Luv Jasuja and Viraj Kalra co-founded White Ladder Consulting & Training in 2011 to fulfil this need by offering a portfolio of solutions that take a more holistic view of an organization. With its engagements spanning clients globally, White Ladder provides a blend of full-service training (soft and behavioural skills) and Consulting (HR & Brand) thereby addressing both, the micro (up-skilling) and macro (management and strategy) needs of an organization. “We facilitate our clients in significantly moving-up the value-chain by focusing on transformation and up-gradation of people, services, processes, culture, communication-systems (internal & external) and strategic management,” says Viraj.

Personalized Solutions to the Last Detail

White Ladder develops personalized learning solutions that draw on the what, why and how of every learning topic. This ensures that the outcomes are beneficial as well as contextual for a client. “We start from ground zero (research & insights), and develop every case very peculiarly,” adds Luv.
Viraj Kalra (L) & Luv Jasuja (R),Co-Founders & Directors

Viraj Kalra (L) & Luv Jasuja (R)

Co-Founders & Directors

We facilitate our clients in significantly moving-up the value-chain by focusing on transformation and up-gradation of people, services, processes, culture, communication-systems and strategic management

The duo recalls a project with a leading global ITES and consulting organization. The brief was to help the organization enhance its innovation capability (individual), innovation capacity (organization) and its organization-wide innovation culture. White Ladder proceeded with establishing an innovativeness benchmark as a measure of innovativeness at all three levels. Gamified online micro-learning, assessments, one-on-one coaching, employee engagement campaign etc. were some of the tools that were developed to encourage and inspire innovative thinking within the organization. A special app (called Innovapp) was developed, which allowed individuals to personalize their learning goals, share their case-studies, pose challenges and collaborate on projects, all driven by the singular objective and outcome, i.e., innovation.
White Ladder is a team of 14, comprising trainers, facilitators, faculty, consultants and coaches with expert domain knowledge and experience. In addition, they boast of a global network of 50+ trainers and coaches. Between them, they cover learning and training requirements from entry level all the way to executive leadership. Off the over 35,000 professionals trained by White Ladder, upwards of 25 percent belong to senior management. Their training delivery modes range from classrooms, one-on-one coaching, and video-based interactive digital learning to experiential learning (offsites) and more.

As Viraj says, “Individuals at leadership level will only be engaged if they realize and understand that the learning input is practical and contextual to them and can be applied immediately. We like to call our experiential learning ‘EnterTraining’ - a combination of entertainment (fun) and training”. On an average White Ladder designs and delivers 35+ client offsites every year.

Empowering Young India to be Global Leaders

Both Viraj and Luv have rich global experiences from living, studying and working in several countries around the world. Having observed first-hand the challenges young Indians face on a global stage, White Ladder recognizes and addresses these gaps by providing industry-relevant training and consulting solutions. They are currently creating an online library of over 2,000 hours of standard content (aiming for 10,000 hours by 2019). This will be accessible to everyone, independent of their location and time zone. White Ladder is also developing an online coach through which it will offer real-time personalized services across all time zones.