Volans Infomatics: Assisting Organizations Digitally Transform Their Operating Models With Tangible

Amit Harshwardhan,Founder & CEO

Amit Harshwardhan

Founder & CEO

Amit Harshwardhan, CEO Volans Infomatics, a Noida based BPO & Digital Solutions Company says ­ "There is a paradigm shift in how BPO industry thinks and act today. The industry is fast changing and is now looked more as "Experience Centre" than a mere "Contact Centre". Technology is playing a pivotal role in this. To ensure those requirements and expectations are met, business process must be scaled up in accordance with this changed mindset and newest technological developments."

Previously, BPO's were restricted to providing cost-cutting and profit-maximizing solutions. However, in recent years, technology has played a crucial role in influencing the evolution of this sector. BPO's have evolved as a valuable asset to any other industry. A perfect stage has been created as organizations seek to reduce unnecessary back-office costs while also seeking inventive methods to increase revenue. Businesses that leverage the power of technology have a competitive advantage in today's business world.

Volans Infomatics has been helping achieve better business goals to gain competitive advantage for its clients via innovative technology & digital solutions. Through its
360-degreeprofessional services offering of "Business Process Management" and being driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, Volans is fast changing the game. It offers a gamut of services which includes Call Center Services, Back Office Operations, Financial & Accounting Services, Staff Augmentation, and Research& Data Analytics amongst others Volans has been delivering demonstrable business impact to its clients and end users.

Since its inception in 2020, Volans Infomatics has scaled exponentially and carved out a niche for itself on the global front. Its `cost-plus value' proposition has enabled it to considerably scale its commercial operations in a short period of time, with clients in key economies such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and India.

Further, Volans is progressing by providing innovative solutions through technology that provide consumers with exceptional service and a higher return on investment. The firm is making inroads into the top technology enable industries by collaborating human operations and automating them using technology. All in all, Volans Infomatics seeks to add significant value to the existing business model for future expansion.

Volans Infomatics Enables Revolutionary Transformation In The Client Organization In Terms Of Technology Proportion, Which Vastly Improves The Entire End-User Experience

Volans enables revolutionary transformation to their client's business model, in terms of technology proportion, which vastly improves the entire end-user experience. In today's world, every organization expects to betechnologically advanced and efficient. Customers are no longer willing to wait in order to obtain what they desire. Volans makes use of automated systems, which reduces the need for human intervention and results in risk mitigation and reduce inefficiencies.

Amit Harshwardhan - CEO and Founder at Volans Infomatics concludes "We intend to expand beyond horizons in order to build the greatest outsourced solutions and services firm by integrating intelligence, technology, digital solutions and people for partner organizations all over the world."