Vishesh Solutions: CRI Approved Carpet Doctors Providing Best-in-Class Services

Jyoti Pardeshi,Co-Owner

Jyoti Pardeshi, Co-Owner

Accept it or not, the office’s appearance plays a critical role in getting a sale or nailing a deal. Almost every corporate organization holds all of the business dealings inside the office. Also, clean and organized office boosts employees’ productivity level, resulting in organization’s profit. With the above-mentioned reasons, we can clearly understand the importance of maintaining a good appearance of the office. Carpets and rugs play a vital role in creating this image by enhancing a room’s aesthetics and add a little touch of needed artistic quality. But to keep these carpets and rugs fresh and clean, it is important to maintain the appearance and cleanliness on a regular basis. Most of the maintenance service providers offer just regular carpet maintenance with casual wash and dry of the carpets, which drastically decreases the lifespan of the costly carpets. Vishesh Solutions, a Delhi-based carpet cleaning hub, performs a total restoration service of the carpets enabling it to survive its full lifespan shining as new. Vishesh is well known for its
passion of carpet treatment that rejuvenates the life, colour and texture of the carpet.

"Vishesh is well known for its passion of carpet treatment that rejuvenates the life, colour and texture of the carpet"

The Absolute Carpet Doctors
Vishesh is the only carpet maintenance service provider in India authorised by CRI (The Carpet and Rug Institute) U.S. The company is committed to provide professional, meticulous & value for money services that not only make workspace hygienic, but also revive the beauty of the carpets. The team consists of highly trained technical staff, proficient in using Karcher’s Machines (German Cleaning Technology) with 100 percent green chemicals that are branded biodegradable & non-toxic eco-friendly products, to obtain absolute healing of the carpets. Combination of their expertise in services & dedication to the work enables them to accomplish cleaning of 75,000 square feet area in a particular weekend (Friday to Sunday afternoon), where other vendors can do the cleaning of just 20,000 square feet area in the same time span.

Its flagship Hot Water Extraction & ICaptulation are hot cakes among the corporates. Hot water extraction is a unique kind of treatment technique that has no replacement till date. Recommended by CRI, the cleaning process uses high pressured hot water to force soil and dirt out, while the vacuum
sucks the dirt, followed by rinsing process in which two contra-rotating roller brushes rotate in opposite direction, helping to uplift the crushed pile of the carpet to improve the acoustic & appearance. Being a deep cleaning process, the treatment leaves fewer residues than its alternatives like shampooing and dry cleaning.

ICapsulation is an advanced technology with dry deep cleaning. Here ICapsol solution is used that transforms into gel form (crystallises) when comes in contact with dust, which is collected with the roller-brush technology. It provides intense cleaning in less time to dry, as a very small quantity of cleaning agent is required.

Educating Clients
While corporates spend heavily on buying international carpets and rugs, their lack of knowledge usually results in their precious possessions to die as early as couple of years. Vishesh is precisely determined to pursue CRI guidelines and educates each and every client about the CRI recommended treatment techniques with the aim to create a different league in office maintenance, and help them gain better RoI on their carpet investments. Established in 2012, Vishesh is now in expansion mode and has chalked-out its roadmap to have offices in Bangalore & Mumbai in coming days.