Vibatel Solutions: A Reliable Partner For Tech-Driven & Strategic Voice-Process Services

Anand Kumar PVS,CEO & Founder Director

Anand Kumar PVS

CEO & Founder Director

Out of many crucial things that a business has to take care of, all non-primary functions become an extra burden. Business Process Outsourcing definitely comes as a boon to take such burdens off your shoulders and reduce several operating costs. It is a great idea that companies rely on strategic partnerships with reliable business outsourcing providers who can meet their demands for activities that are not their core competencies.

VIBATEL Solutions stands out as a prolific BPO services provider with its adherence to result-oriented solutions. Staying ahead of the plentiful brands, the enterprise has understood that technology is the future and strives to be a strategic partner that can offer long-term and reliable support solutions.

Distinct Features
Operating from Hyderabad & Bengaluru, VIBATEL is one of the leading outsourcing solution providers, serving clients in India and overseas. While helping the clients achieve their strategic goals, VIBATEL breathes Quality and Consistency. Being an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company, the company is recognized as a leading provider of Voice services to the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance), Agro & Telecom Sectors in India.

VIBATEL's services span the complete spectrum of Cross-sell/upsell activities
inSales to Credit and Risk related functions such as Awareness & Survey callings, Lead generation activities, End-to-end solutions, Customer Sup-port (both Inbound/Outbound), and Experience Mgmt. Services for more Revenue Generations and Cost Optimizations, etc.

Speaking of the offerings and USP, Anand Kumar PVS, CEO and Founder Director informs, "Our services are differentiated in terms of Technology and Analytical capabilities we use to drive substantial value to our clients for their respective process functionalities. We always strive to optimize through Technology, Innovation, and Process Improvements for providing more efficient, accurate, and speedy services.

We work on the latest and updated environments, as per our clients' requirements. Some of them include, Dialers with automated human response mechanism for more empathy-based services, Immediate Response System for Emergency Services, incorporation of AI and Data Analytics capabilities, Digital linking for our Marketing campaigns, etc."

Clients Are Kings
VIBATEL claims that it always cites Ownership and Responsibility to clients as a `Partner`instead of a `Vendor' thus committing more effectively and efficiently. "We are associated with our esteemed clients for over 14 years now, and we always adhere to our quality levels and consistent performances. From doing localized campaigns at Hyderabad in the initial days, we are now covering entire PAN India campaigns across the country with our technological initiatives," says P. Kavitha, Founder Director.

The company has successfully set up and managed Inbound/Outbound/Blended Call Centers for esteemed clientele including HSBC, INDUSIND BANK, MANIPALCIGNA HEALTH INSURANCE, CARE HEALTH INSURANCE, GODREJ AGROVET, CORTEVA AGRO, FINNABLE LOANS and STASHFIN, to name a few.

Employees Are Heroes
As a `Result-Oriented' brand, Vibatel's culture concentrates on productivity and innovation. The company encourages its team members to take full responsibility and accountability for the task at hand. "Our unique organizational culture fosters a performance-driven environment that fires up employees to innovate in pursuit of providing a continuous and improving customer experiences, and therefore delivering the same Innovative, Unique and Exciting Customer Experiences. This will also result in a change of our employee mindsets, build confidence, and empower ownership of their current role and beyond," the founders concluded.